enjoy the moment.

As the Chinese saying goes, “当局者迷,旁观者清”…I think it’s really true. It’s only through observing my friends do I realised some ‘flaws’ of my own.

Since there’s a higher probability of me re-reading my blog a few years down the road (as compared to reading old FB post), I thought it will be better if I copy what I wrote on FB here. So, here goes –

maybe some of us feels afraid when good things happen to us. that’s why we keep picking fault with it when it happens.

even thought, these “good things” are something we were so looking forward to. it’s almost as if we are never satisfied.

i’m guilty of it too. but i’m learning to accept these good things as little blessings in life, while not taking them for granted (:

It’s true. I do that quite often I realised.

For example, I’ve always wanted a black watch. When I finally found (and bought) one at Swatch, I keep picking faults with it (especially when people say nice compliments about it) – the ticking is too loud, the strap is not breathable, it gets old easily etc But secretly, I love my watch. It’s something I’ve always wanted. But I am so afraid that something bad will happen to it that I will keep criticising it.

Or for example, I used to be very proud of my skin. But when people praises it, I start nit-picking and stuff because I am afraid that the skin will deteriorate cos people are praising it and ‘heaven’ knows how much I (and everyone else) likes it.

To extrapolate, it’s like the traditional belief of why parents pierce the ears of their son. They want to give ‘heaven’ the impression that they are not very happy with the son because he is ‘flawed’. In this way, they will be able to protect their son and ward evil away.

Yup. I think why people like to criticise things that they have always wanted after they have gotten it *breathes- what a long sentence* is because they think that it’s too good to be true. That good things shouldn’t happen to them.

I’m one of them.

BUT! I am learning to change that. It’s healthier. And it’s easier than asking me to stop whining about bad stuff ;p

I am trying to accept it when positive things happen to me. I will always silently go, “Thank you, God (:” and then just soak in the moment (:

I am also trying to change the habit of nit-picking at the things people compliment me for. For example, when people say, “Nice watch!” I will now say, “Thank you! It’s a little loud though.” and just stop there. One step at a time! Someday, I will eventually be able to just say thank you and not nitpick (:

Positive things happen not too often. Having things that we always wanted to happen happens is not too common too. So, let’s all learn to stop the nitpicking and learn to soak in the moment! Before the universe gets pissed with us and takes all of them because we are so darn picky ;p

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