Halloween Horror Nights 3 @ USS

Seeing that I was quite braved and relatively untouched (and scare 5 ‘ghosts’) last year when I went to USS Halloween Horror Nights 2 with the ex-colleagues, I thought I will be brave and asked the classmates to go with me this year.

Plus…Maybank card has a really great deal. 3 tickets and 1 free ticket @ $174 (: That’s like the cheapest tickets in town! $43.50 each!

Minhui didn’t want to and I told her bravely that I will protect her ;p But….Well…..

the entrance. photos from Minhui.

First of all, the queue is HORRENDOUS. Like really. The queue for the haunted houses are about 100 mins minimum! And for the rides? For the popular ones like Transformers and The Mummy, it’s about 60 mins. We gave up queuing for the haunted house at the Waterworld (House of Possession)  cos the queue was 200 mins and we couldn’t see where the start of the queue was! 😦

Next, it always rain when I go to USS. The first time I went to USS with Canon and the bloggers, it rained in the morning. Then it rained a few hours before we went to Halloween Horror Nights 2 last year. This year, it rained after we came out from the haunted house at Jurassic Park’s water ride (Songs of Death). It’s bad.

Because of the rain, we only managed to went to ONE scare zone – The Forbidden Forest. I swear. It’s scary this year. I don’t remember the ‘ghosts’ following us from behind last year. This year, they do. You will be happily walking and then you see them walking towards you. You gear yourself up to get frightened but nothing happens. The ‘ghosts’ walk right past you. You relax and kept walking then suddenly, BOO! They are right behind you. OMG. I was pretty okay at this part.

ANYWAYS! By the time the rain stopped, it was about 12ish and the “ghosts” didn’t come back out again. So didn’t manage to go through the other 2 scarezones 😦

Here’s a photo of us after we were drenched –

rebecca, me, minhui and weikang.

Now, for the haunted houses! We went to Songs of Death and Adrift. Hmm. Last year, there was a lot of “ghosts” jumping out from corners and cupboards. But this year, not as much. The “ghosts” are more visible this year and frankly, not as scary? But I think I psyched myself out. So I was grabbing onto Minhui and she was protecting me more than the other way round o.o HAHAHA! Rebecca was really brave too! She took the lead in Adrift because the couple in front walked way too fast.

The room that I hated the most was the one where they temporary blind you with the flickering lights. I couldn’t see and there was so many “bodies” hanging from the ceiling and there’s that Little Girl in Red in the corner running towards you. It’s just bad. In the end, I just closed my eye and held on to Minhui’s bag. Rebecca said she didn’t see the Little Girl in Red though *eeps!*

Oh yeah. In Songs of Death, Weikang was quite funny! He went up to one of the pop-up “ghosts” and did a “V” sign under her chin. I think she got so pek-chek that she shouted, “SCRAM!” (in Mandarin). HAHAHAHAH!

My advice if you are going to HHN3? BUY THE EXPRESS PASS! It’s worth it!!

So yeah. That’s my adventure at HHN3 this year. I swear, as I grow older, my courage drops. MEH! NEVER WILL I GO AGAIN! Well, that’s what I say now. I think I said the same thing last year too ;p

Oh yeah! Check out this video of Ellen’s assistant going to US Halloween Horror Night! Quite funny!!


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