Viewing Facebook edit history!

Okay, pardon me but I am a little slow on the uptake. I just realised about 2 weeks ago that I can view the ‘edit history’ for Facebook posts.

It’s quite cool.

For example, you can track how my list of cravings grew over the minutes…


@10.27am – 5 items

@10.40 - 7 items

@10.40 – 7 items

@10.41am - decided to be more specific.

@10.41am – decided to be more specific

And this is all available at one glance when you click on the words, “Edited” below the status.



in one list.

in one list.

But do note that your edit history is visible to EVERYONE who can see this post. So be careful of what you write! Especially if you are ranting! Imagine if you posted a status ranting about someone and limited the privacy. Then later on, decided to change your mind so you edit the post and made it viewable by all friends. GG.

With that said, I think it’s quite useful. Instead of posting multiple status updates about saying a wedding or an event, you can just keep editing your status! Then, leave a note to point readers to the “Edit History” so that they can follow the train of thoughts. Hmmm. Feasible? At least won’t have to flood your friends’ News Feed.

Edit History is also available for comments made under a post.



Oh yeah. When you change your privacy settings of a post after publishing it, the “Edited” word DOESN’T show. Ok? Don’t be silly ;p

Just saying. Alrighty!





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