random ramblings.

Listening to the brother talk about his “meet-up” with his friends made me realised something.

I don’t aim for a life of riches. 
I want a life filled with meaning. Where I can help people in one way or another. 

Of course, money is awesome! I can provide for my parents, they can retire. I don’t have to live on tight budget (like what I am doing now). I can travel! And of course, I can donate to charities I care about.

But, if being rich means I will start thinking that a 500 Euro suit is cheap or that I start buying things that I don’t need just because it’s on discount…then sorry. No. Sometimes, it feels like the brother envy his friends who are like that. He doesn’t see that there’s something not quite right (but not wrong) about the “500 Euro is cheap for a suit!” mentality. He thinks it will make him happier.

I’m worried about the brother. He seems to stuck in a rut. Looking back and regretting. Comparing with his friends. Feeling sorry for himself (to a certain extent) because he can’t go overseas to study like his friends. We know it’s something that he has to pull himself out of though. All I can do as a sister is to listen to him.

Little brother, JIAYOU!

On the side…These few days, I’ve been gripped by fear and frustration. So while praying, this phrase popped into my mine, “All your tomorrow’s are in God’s hands.” I’m not holy-moly, you know that. But somehow, that phrase soothes me and thought I will just pen it down (:

Alrighty! That’s it from me.


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