[Throwback] The best representative of teamwork (:

I forgot what I was looking for but I stumbled across my proudest artwork ever. Yes, it’s not my best but the efforts poured into it, the amount of help I got and the exclamation of joy from the “people” made this my proudest artwork ever (:

Here goes –

EXSA 2011 (:

EXSA 2011 (:

270 photos. 6 sector reps. 3 person to piece this poster together. It’s really amazing.

I remembered that I was running a fever on the day that the poster was due at the printers. The artwork was only half done. But I still went to work because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Everyone was so looking forward to this. And all the help the sector reps and Viv poured in to help me gather the pictures.

Together, Ms Hong, Viv and I managed to resized and pieced all 270 photos manually (: We rushed down to the printer and made it in time for this to be printed (: Phew!

And on the day of the EXSA ceremony, everyone was so happy and excited to see this! Best reward EVER!

I almost forgot this piece of artwork. But yup! My proudest one ever (: And this is also the best representative of teamwork (: That made me smile when I saw it on my FB timeline! ^^

With that said, I do miss using Photoshop so much. I’ve been having dreams about using it -.-

Those were the days (: That’s it for Throwback Tuesday!


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