things i miss about Korea…

Apart from my delicious 바나나 우유 (Banana Milk) –

@ Busan back in 2012!

I miss the train stations. No, not the many many steps. But the train announcements!

much more accurate than ours!

Oh. And I miss the hearing the chime/melody that plays when a train is nearing the station. Can’t seem to video of that. Note to self: Do a recording the next time.

I also miss the TV ads. The very silent TV ads. None of the noisy attention grabbing ones we have on TV.

I remember this was playing repeatedly when I was in Korea in 2012.

I think I saw this when I was in Korea back in April.

I miss the closeness of modernity and traditional. 

Seoul 2013.

There’s something about palaces that I find fascinating (: I love palaces! I can spend the entire day there and explore every single palace again and again!

I miss slurping on ramen in cold cold weather!

cheese ramen! NOMS!

Oh! This too!


And I think most of all…I miss being a tourist! 

@ The Secret Garden, Seoul 2012

@ Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul 2013

Nothing beats the wonders of discovery (:

It’s only been 6 months and yet it feels like it’s been eons. 한국아~ 보고 싶어!

On the side, I should really continue my “Planning a Trip to Seoul” series soon ;p


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