the horrors.

It’s PMS season. And everyone knows I am not exactly the friendliest during this period. Okay, I can be if necessary. But yeah.

I was still pretty okay for the entire day until….I got reminded that I am turning 26 in about 2 weeks. Oh the horrors. I’ve always thought I will be something by the time I hit 26. But well…I’m unemployed right now. BUT! I am happy with what I’ve done since graduation though (:

Either way, the horror of turning 26 and PMS is a deadly cocktail. I am just going to snuggle up and re-read Harry Potter. Oh and…snack alot. Kekeke.

right. I need to call Big Mama tomorrow to make a reservation too.

I have phlegm stuck somewhere between my ears, nose and throat. It started out as a flu and I finished an entire tablet of flu med! Now it’s just the phlegm. Sometimes it makes me sniffle, sometimes it makes me cough. No amount of medicine is fixing it! BAH!

Anyways….ending with randomness (:

Edit: SNSD’s Gee came up on Feeling much cheerful now!

from snoopy’s facebook (:


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