oh, that smirk.

totally meepok and bimbo post. hehehe.

I have been fangirl-ing over EXO recently. And to make me really like a pedonoona, I like Kai. Kai who is younger than my brother. Younger than my dance instructor. Younger than Taemin. But really! When he dances, he has this smirk on his face. Totally badass.

I mean, yes. Some say Kai looks like Taemin. But honestly, when Taemin dances, he just has a frown and angry-not-angry look on his face. But Kai’s expression is a cross between a smile, a frown and a I-know-I-am-good-at-this.

Some screenshots ;p





Plus, Kai seems to have a nice personality. He was on “Hello Counsellor” and there’s this girl who was 165cm and 55kg. Normal right? But her sister and mother slams her and criticise her by making snide remarks and calling her all sort of names. They think she’s fat. So during that episode, the host told the girl to do a 360 turn and she was hesitant. At which point, she turned to look at the guests and Kai went, “It’s okay.” which I found quite reassuring! Plus his expression throughout the whole episode was empathetic. Ding ding! ;p

Plus! He has one of my favorite names! 😀

Of course, there are other awesome smirk-ers in K-Pop.

There’s Yunho from TVXQ during last year’s Spectrum performance.

this was my ipod touch's wallpaper for a long time.

this was my ipod touch’s wallpaper for a long time.

Of course, there’s also Heechul from SJ, Key from SHINee and even Sungmin from SJ! But I think Kai has a style of his own. Oh…While searching for Heechul’s smirk, I found a picture of EXO Tao smirking.

well, well.

Tao’s eyebags is really working wonders for him. Hahaha! Of course, there are other K-Pop artists who rock their eyebags *sigh* If only eyebags look so sexy on me as well.

Anyways, leaving you with a video of EXO’s performance! Keep a lookout for Kai *cough cough*


[Throwback] my 21st birthday (:

Original post here. Excerpt below (:

A lot of things to blog about! Like the photoshoot on Monday and heading to town with ber on Tuesday! But my birthday comes first (:

The Meepok Part

When the clock strikes 12, the whole family came to my room and sang birthday song for me! *grins* Here’s some of the pictures –

with the parents(:

the family in pajamas!

the family in pajamas!

After the cake blowing, I tried to seperate the cake. FAIL! I didn’t cut it through and through-.- HAHAHAHA! But ohwells! The sister kept grilling and asking me what I want for my birthday. But like I said, I really don’t know! So I told to her wait and see what the rest bought me today.

Woke up with a sore throat and fever :( Was quite upset because of that. I was so afraid that I can’t attend the birthday gathering the gang have organized for me. I went to the kitchen and sajiao-ed to my mum (Note: I don’t do sajiao! This is pretty rare!). Gulped down a cup of milk, medicine, vitamin C and back to bed. Felt a gazillion times better afterwards! Repeated the cycle and woke up at 7pm to change and head out (:

Sivan came up with a really lousy excuse to get me to go the block opposite Deyi :P I was kind of afraid that I am alittle overdress but my mum told me to just go!

And, when I reached the place….SURPRISE!!

me acting surprised!

Fact: It is very VERY hard to surprise me! Many have tried and failed! You are welcome to take up the challenge!

Some of the juniors were there! Joshua, Allan, Wei Shun and Roxanne! Jerold couldn’t make it :( Sigh. But whees~

I didn’t know Joshua was sick until I saw him taking his medicine after dinner. He had to eat like 4 different kind of medicine, I think! Poor guy. And like I said on Plurk, heart pain! Get well soon, dude! (:

the 2 sickies – joshua and me! (special mention!)

Here’s my darling council board! The one I missed so so so so so much!

Deyi Student Council! loves~

These are the people who have seen me work under stress, gone without sleep for 3 days (major hyperactivity) and do plenty of bimbotic things(: We went through camps and investitures together. Excluding the juniors, my committee members and I called our batch, “The Horny Dynasty”. WAHAHAHA! And I think it’s my fault >.<

Anyways, I didn’t expect Kesin to come! She’s my PSL (Peer Support Leader) alumni!

She’s still the same! Really nice and motherly (: I miss her. Note to Sivan! We must call the alumnis out for dinner or something! Okay, maybe not all of them! But at least Kesin and Ming Lun! I haven’t seen them in eons! Misses!

Ling, Juan, Michelle and the juniors got me muffins !! Kelvin insisted on taking a picture because he came up with the idea of placing them into the number 21. Seriously, this guy is turning more bimbotic! He was rolling his eyes while we were waiting for our seats! HILARIOUS!

me and kelvin -.-

Since everyone had work/school/sick and stuff, we left after taking some group pictures outside (:

the collage (:

I didn’t know they got me a $50 Epicenter gift card! I was about to throw the carrier away until I realised that there’s something heavy in it! >.< HAHAHA! YEAH! So I told my sister that they can chip in to the $50 and I will top up the rest and get myself a new iPod! (Hmm..Or maybe iTouch). But ohwells!



Find out why I collapsed! By watching the video here! Plurk people, I will most probably have posted link there (or I already did)!

Year 20 in conclusion – The Reflective Part

I don’t remember much about being 20. Just that it passed by really quickly. Watching all my friends turning 21 before me and eagerly anticipating my own. Not sure whether I want to celebrate it in a bang or just let it go. Because to me, I don’t like to fuss over my birthday! It’s just another day of the year! Just that yours truly (and a lots more kids) were born!

But I’m glad I celebrated the way I did. Thanks alot, everyone!

Since 21 seems to be a major milestone and what not, I came up with a list of things I wanted to complete before my birthday! And I’m happy to say that I’ve completed 4 out of 5 ! Even though the photo shoot thing was by chance! Take a look at the list here!

August was pretty tough for me this year. The dad finally sold his shop and started working at my aunt’s shop. We had to get used to the sudden increase in expenditure because ever since I was born, we never had to spent a cent to get groceries and snacks. We just kind of get our food from the shop as and when we want. So yups. Some problems came up here and there but we are surviving (: The family bond is stronger! And the parents actually have time to go “dating” again!

Of course, also in August, my mum went for brain surgery. I remembered almost bursting into tears when my sister called me while I was at work. Millions of thoughts running through my head and constantly telling myself to remain positive. I guess we were kind of lucky that we got the best neuro surgeon in TTSH – Dr Ivan Ng. He explained stuff to us very matter-of-factly(:

Went through some shit because as usual, the siblings and parents were relying on me to take care of the paperwork from the hospital and insurance and what not. I had to plan my timetable in a way so that I can be home most of the time. I had to skip classes to bring my mum back for her post-op check-up. Listening to all the medical terms, trying to dig up all the ancient biology knowledge, trying to understand and then having to translate them to Mandarin was tough. I had to deal with questions from a)myself, b)the parents and c) the siblings. I also had to comfort the parents who looked so lost and scared that I don’t even know what to say and my heart just aches (if I am allowed to be drama).

But we pulled through! The mum is okay now(: The tumor is benign! Her hair looks FUNKY! Hahah. Special thanks to Sivan and bestie! I think I called both of them pretty much during that period, sobbing over the phone and outright refusing to answer their calls cause I was down. They were pretty worried! Loves~

On the social front, I met quite a few people from Plurk! Had lots of fun! Especially after the Bloggers Calendar 2009 photoshoot! And I hope to be able to continue to kajiao them with my bimbotic antics(: Because, you never know! Online friendships are tricky. One false interpretations and it’s ADIOS!

Still single! 21 years and counting! Not that I am actively seeking to be attached. The idea of that still irks me quite abit.

Graduating next July (technically, I am free after April). Still have no idea what I want to be. But I know I most definitely do not want to go into the banking/finance industry. I know, I know. Ironic! Cause I am majoring that. *shrugs* I want to be around people! People who are motivated and charged with energy! Or maybe go into teaching (childhood ambition) or nursing (teenager ambition). Or maybe I will dabble into the hospitality/marketing industry (JC ambition).

All I know is that I want something challenging ! Something with interactions! Something that requires paying attention to details!

21 !! I don’t know what I want to achieve but hey! I just want to be myself! Stop holding myself back so much. Because that’s pretty much what I have been doing this whole year.

The past 2 weeks leading up to my birthday has been nice. I got to let go and saw part of my original personality (: And it shows! Bestie told me that I looked different today. Like how I was in secondary school. YAY! (:


Comments from 2013: 5 years passed by so quickly. turning 26 in exactly a month! 2008 was a tough year but I’m glad I have friends like them (: I may have lost touch with the juniors and don’t contact the rest of the classmates as often these days, but I know they will still be there for me when I need them. And vice versa. Ahh…Good times! I miss everyone! 😀 

things i miss about Korea…

Apart from my delicious 바나나 우유 (Banana Milk) –

@ Busan back in 2012!

I miss the train stations. No, not the many many steps. But the train announcements!

much more accurate than ours!

Oh. And I miss the hearing the chime/melody that plays when a train is nearing the station. Can’t seem to video of that. Note to self: Do a recording the next time.

I also miss the TV ads. The very silent TV ads. None of the noisy attention grabbing ones we have on TV.

I remember this was playing repeatedly when I was in Korea in 2012.

I think I saw this when I was in Korea back in April.

I miss the closeness of modernity and traditional. 

Seoul 2013.

There’s something about palaces that I find fascinating (: I love palaces! I can spend the entire day there and explore every single palace again and again!

I miss slurping on ramen in cold cold weather!

cheese ramen! NOMS!

Oh! This too!


And I think most of all…I miss being a tourist! 

@ The Secret Garden, Seoul 2012

@ Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul 2013

Nothing beats the wonders of discovery (:

It’s only been 6 months and yet it feels like it’s been eons. 한국아~ 보고 싶어!

On the side, I should really continue my “Planning a Trip to Seoul” series soon ;p

[Music Monday] Girls’ Generation – Animal

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

I’m generally not a fan of Japanese songs by K-Pop artists. Not Super Junior, not SHINee and not Girls’ Generation. I did learn the dance for some of Girls’ Generation’s Japanese songs (Paparazzi and Galaxy Supernova) though.

Because I don’t follow the girls’ releases in Japanese, I was quite lost during their concert last month. The concert is basically a replica of their tour in Japan but with a tiny bit more of their Korean songs. It was still an awesome concert though!

Anyways! This song got stuck in my head after the concert so I thought I’ll share it (: The dance caught my attention too. Quite ‘fierce’ and just that tiny bit of decadence (?). Don’t mind learning it! I’m quite hooked on this song. Even my ringtone has been changed! Hehe.

The thing I realised about Girls’ Generation’s Japanese songs is that chasing after boys seems to be the main focus. Like Galaxy Supernova, Bad Girl and now, Animal. Quite different from their previous/Korean songs.

I also realised that there’s more variation in the vocals for the Japanese songs. You see girls like Hyoyeon and Sunny having more parts to sing. But at the same time, they can disappear totally in certain songs. The exposure is not as equal as in their Korean promotion I guess.

So yups! That’s all from me this week (:

Youth in Singapore apathetic?

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a week now. While I probably can’t articulate how I feel properly, I’ll give it a shot (:

Since I am still considered as a youth, I asked myself, “So, am I apathetic?” And the answer is, “No.” The statements that I am going to make may be a generalisation but well…at least I am speaking from ‘experience’.

To extrapolate, I don’t think youths today are apathetic. I just think they we are very niche in what we are interested in. While youths are supposedly to have infinite energy, it’s going to be tiring if we react to everything, every piece of information we received.

Plus, I think with the amount of news that we are bombarded with everyday, we kind of switch off/grow numb to them. If the information/topic is not relate-able instantly, then the probability of us switching off is so much higher. Looking at the topics that I am interested in – low-income families, education, children, education for children from low-income families, K-Pop – these are all topics that are relevant to me. Areas that I feel like I have and can make a difference in.

Which brings me to the next point. Do youths today appear to be apathetic because of learned helplessness? A case of conditioning?

So, just because we are not interested in the topics that the older generation or are not as reactive to a wider range of topics, doesn’t mean that we are apathetic.

And if you want evidence that youths are NOT apathetic? Just head to any K-Pop concerts, the skate park behind Somerset MRT or even the place below Esplanade. Plenty of youths there doing what they have a passion for. And look at the amount of CIP projects going around.

I think the question shouldn’t be about whether youths are apathetic or not. It should be about how the society can help channel the passion, the energy of the youths to….national issues (for a lack of better of words to use and youths’ interest in national issues seems to be the criteria to judge if a person is apathetic or not).

I think EXPOSURE is key. Expose the youths today to certain issues. Not just surface exposure. But deep, meaningful exposure. For example, I was apathetic about union issues and working conditions. Couldn’t be bothered despite the amount of news I watch. But after my brief stint at NTUC, I got to learn more about the topic and now, I am abit more interested in the topic. The mindshare is there and the next time I hear news about the topic, I will pay more attention, spend sometime thinking about it and what not.

After exposure, another important to do is to ENABLE the youths to be able to express what their thoughts. If they want to make a difference, there need to be a channel for them to do that. If not, it will be a case of learned helplessness. Something along the line of, “Oh. What’s the use about caring? Not that it will make a difference.”

It’s also important to make issues relatable to them. After all. as David Ogilvy says –

I don’t know the rules of grammar…If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.

(credits to facebook.com/Ogilvy)

Don’t use technical jargons. Plain simple English, please.

Of course, I think engaging the parents are important too. If not for dad’s insistence on us watching the news with him since young, I think I won’t be as concern about stuff like inflation or natural disasters. Parents shouldn’t just emphasize on studies, maybe they can help to “sensitise” (make sensitive) their children to certain community issues.

So yups. That’s it from me. Just some ranting. Sometimes, I feel 冤枉when people say my generation is apathetic and weak. But really, we just need a little push in the right direction.


Mortal Instruments Chronicles

After the popularity of the Hunger Games, out came a series of spin-off. Some was okay but most were bad. That kinda instilled a bit of weariness when choosing books to read. So when I saw the Mortal Instruments on the shelves of Popular, I didn’t pick it up. It was went I ran out of books to read (true story), that I reluctantly started on the series. And…


I love the interaction between the main characters. So sarcastic and witty ;p Plus, just when you think things are getting boring (which you will after Book 2), a mega twist appears. And you’re like, “WOAH!” (I know a twist is coming and I am reading the book super slowly cos I am dreading but anticipating it at the same time).

And and and….the heroine! HAHAHA! Just when you get tired of the way she’s behaving like a brat, the other characters will point it out and then POOF! Her character gets better 😀 Much much better than the other heroine in the Divergent series. She’s so wishy-washy. Sometimes, you just want to shake her and ask her to…WAKE UP YOUR IDEA! (for a lack of better ways to put it)

ANYWAYS! I spent quite alot of my teenage days reading stories on Quizilla and sometimes, I wonder if some of these books are written by them. Cos some of the storyline feels kind of familiar (: Ahwell.

Ending with some of my favorite dialogues from the first 2 books and half of Book 3 (all credits to Cassanadra Clare) (:

“Usually, I’m remarkably good-natured. Try me on any day that doesn’t end in y.”

“That does it, “said Jace. “I’m going to get you a dictionary for Christmas this year.”
“Why?” Isabelle said.
“So you can look up ‘fun’. I’m not sure you know what it means.”

A man doesn’t have to agree with his government to be a patriot, does he?

“Most people don’t cry when they’re upset or frightened, but rather when they’re frustrated…”

“Actually he offered to wake you up himself, but since it’s 5am, I figured you’d be less cranky if you had something nice to look at.”
“Meaning you?”
“What else?”

“This is bad,” said Jace.
“You said that before.”
“It seemed worth repeating.”

“…This is one incident I will not allow you to shrug off!”
“I wasn’t planning to,”Jace said. “I can’t shrug anything off. My shoulder’s disclosed.”

“Why? Does it hurt?” Clary asked.
“No. I have a high pain threshold. In fact, it’s less of a threshold and more of a large and tastefully decorated foyer. But I do get easily bored.”

“People aren’t born good or bad. Maybe they’re born with tendencies either way, but it’s the way you live your life that matters. And the people you know…”

“Have you tried talking to her?” (Simon was asking the obvious)
“No,” Jace said, “we’ve been punching her repeatedly in the face instead. Why, do you think that won’t work?”