i made my own kimchi pancake! :D

I just started watching “Dad, where are we going?” recently and in Episode 6, I saw one of the kids made his own kimchi pancake!

he loves kimchi pancake!

he loves kimchi pancake!

So I went to google for kimchi pancake recipe and I realised….there’s actually pre-mixed pancake mix! Woohooo! Everything was so easy.

Went down to the Sol-mart after dance class yesterday and bought the mix and the kimchi. Pestered the mum to let me cook and…HERE WE GO!

all the ingredients I need!

Just mixed the eggs, the mix, the kimchi, water and sprinkle some salt! Pour batter into frying pan and VIOLA!

Ohyeah. I still have problems cracking an egg. My mum still go, “Harder! Scared the egg pain ah? Aiyo!” HAHAHAHA!

the end result!

Okay. Mine looks abit like omelete cos I put in too much egg. And it’s a little burnt cos I still don’t know how to flip stuff in a frying pan so too slow! But it’s not too bad for a first attempt right? (:

Gave some to the family to try and they quite like it too! Wheeeeee~ Mum said I can trying spreading the batter next time or make them into coin-size. IDEA! 😀 I still have a huge pack of the mix in the fridge. Maybe I will try again next week?

Now you can add “Kimchi pancake” to the list of food I cook! Which currently has…burnt fried eggs and burnt tofu? Opps!

P/S: didn’t stir properly when I dumped in the salt so they congregated in one slice. And I ate it -.-

Note: Recipe from http://crazykoreancooking.com/recipe/kimchi-pancake

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