what motivates me?

I was asked this question during an interview and I got a little tongue-tied. I wanted to use the old answer,”People around me.” but somehow, I don’t think that’s really that accurate anymore.

I think many factors motivates me. Here’s a small list (rank almost according to importance).

1. Internal motivation.

I’m an introvert (surprise, surprise!). Motivation comes from within. I am my own best cheerleader. But sometimes, I get tired. That’s when….

2. People around me.

When I am tired or when I am running a little low on raa-raa oil, the people around motivates me. As long as someone has a positivity around me, I can keep on going. Of course, optimum scenario is when people around me are always happy and when internal motivation is on full blast *thumbs up*

3. Challenges/Learning

I think this is something new. Something I realised about myself from my previous job. When there’s challenges, I will be motivated to overcome it. Or when I am learning.

Come to think of it. The reason why I wanted to leave my Korean class was because it was starting to get stale. I wasn’t learning much/anything new. I started to get discouraged. But when lessons suddenly improved again, I am motivated again.

Am I making sense?

4. Everything else

Feedback: Don’t need to be direct feedback or positive feedback. But some form of feedback would be nice.

Good deeds: One good deed deserves another. I don’t know how to explain this. But yes.

Junk food: Ohhh. I have consumed so much of them when I needed to keep going. Yums! Forbidden food is always the best!

So yup! I think that’s about it (: 

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