meet junsu!

I think by now, everyone knows that my Galaxy S3 has died at a young age. The youngest of all my (Samsung) devices, actually.

Anyways, I think I’m very lucky (: Daniel offered his spare phone to me and guess what? It’s a Samsung too! Galaxy Note 2 to be exact!

I think by now, everyone knows me and my weird love for Samsung phones. No matter how laggy they become (Omnia) or how troublesome they are (Galaxy s3), me and Samsung…together forever, never be apart. Even though DK dug out his iPhone 4 for me, when I heard Samsung, I’m sold.

Was just jokingly telling the Korean classmates that S3 is a girl (cos it’s calls me 언니), Galaxy Note 2 is a boy (cos it’s calls me 누나)! Yes, it’s the message ringtone. I couldn’t find the 언니 ringtone somehow so had to settle for the 누나 one.

And since I have a habit of naming my phone, decided to name this “Junsu” cos the word keeps coming up on the dictionary (when I’ve never type the name). Plus, the ringtone sounds like something one of the kids in “아빠 어디가?” will say. So…Meet Junsu!

Galaxy Note 2!

Galaxy Note 2!

Doodling with the S-Pen was quite fun! Going to do some googling to see what else I can do with a Note 2. I’m sure it’s more awesome than my S3 (:


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