here comes 26!

A year just went by in a blink. Like really. Celebrating my 25th birthday with the CEM ladies didn’t feel that far away. The beautiful rainbow cake, the 2 adorable Elmos and the laughter. Ahhh…memories indeed (:

25th! A year ago (:

Much has happened since then. Year 25 was nothing short of eventful and a year of reflection where I took time off to slow down. Well, that’s a nice way of putting it ;p But to put it blatantly, I am unemployed.


After much tears and struggle, I decided to leave the Maybank family. Hardest decision ever. But before that happened, I managed to organised the first every Savings Day and pulled together Glitz (and the first ever internal service award). I’m really proud of those two events (:

I went back to Korea in late April with the oldest friend too! That’s the 3rd time I have been to Korea in Spring (in case you are wondering). Hehe. Yes, I plan to go back there ONE more time before I explore the rest of the world. But that ONE more time takes a bit of planning so…wish me luck!

I obtained my TOPIK Level 2! (: HOORAY! I think that’s what I wanted to do last year (will know when the letter I wrote to myself comes in later).  I only attended 3 K-Pop concert this year! That’s significantly lower than last year ;p Phew! Think that’s what I set out to do last year too!

I also went for Scoot air stewardess interview back in June (: I was shortlisted and offered but decided that it was not for me in the end. But that’s another huge what-if cancelled!

During this period of unemployment, I sat down and think. What I wanted to do, where am I in my life, what is that one thing I want to for myself. And I think I have come to a conclusion. It’s a selfish thing (well, in my own view it is) to do but I think I have to do it. Keeping the fingers crossed. And ironically, I realised being in the banking industry seems to suit me. No, not doing the financial stuff. But maybe comms, service and the more right-brained stuff seems to suit me more. Of course, I didn’t forget about my childhood dream of teaching. I can feel that the time to teach is drawing nearer (: I will be ready soon!

Sometimes, I do regret quitting from Maybank. And that’s a huge thing to say. I have done many stupid things in the past but I’ve never regretted it. So yeah. But it was the right move for me at that point in time, DONE! Right now, I am looking forward to what I am going to do in the future!

Occasionally, I feel sorry towards my parents because they are already so old and here I am, unemployed. Unable to provide them with the additional source of income. Yes, I am not taking money from them but I am 26 already. I should be able to do more than that. But like what Jie En says, “do what you have to do. make up to them later. they will understand.” I just have to repeat that to myself right? (:

Somewhere in October/November, I retracted back into my shell cos I had a culture shock. Let’s just say…I have a different perspectives on stuff I see online now.

But during that time…I am glad. I am glad I have friends like Victor, Shuyun, Jian Lin, Calvin, Prof Lee and so many others. They stepped forward and helped me asked around for job vacancies. And for friends like Lucian, who I can talk to about the culture shock to.

And also, friends like Daniel who lend me his Note 2 when my phone broke down. Or DK and Jerrick who offered to lend me theirs. What else? Oh! And Chin Wah for stepping up to tell a certain someone that calling me names is wrong.

I think these past month or two weeks can be summarised in 1 hashtag – #faithinhumanityrestored

I am now abit less skeptical due to these people (: Thank you thank you!

Year 26! I will hereby call you…”Year of Chasing Dreams”. 追梦之年! Jiayou lah!


P/S: Learnt something from watching Okto. Won’t tell you the purpose of this though ;p

quicky edit.

quicky edit.

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