[Music Monday] Taylor Swift @ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Alrighty. This week is more of eye-candy than earworm but either ways~

I used to watch Victoria’s Secret faithfully. Year after year! I love Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks! They added fun and personality to the walkway. Plus the stage designs are fantastic! It’s what dreams are made of (kinda).

But since both of them left, I’ve kind of stopped watching. There’s still Miranda Kerr who I grew to like but the runway is just different. There’s too many new faces who, gorgeous as they may be, tries a little too hard. However! I do watch the performances of artists like Black Eyed Peas and Maroon 5 on Youtube though.

Was about to give this year’s show and performances a miss until I saw this on Taylor Swift’s Facebook page –

’nuff said!

So when the performance came out…Clicky-click!

Taylor Swift looks like she was one of the VS Angels as well! Nice! And the way she swings her hair. I really need to find out how singers do that without messing up the hair. Honestly.

Oh yeah. I don’t really fancy “Trouble” though. It’s catchy and the tune is a little different from her usual style. But still… *shrugs*

Anyhoos! Hope you like the performance as much as I did! That’s all this week!


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