a little reminder.

Interruptions are nothing new. Rarely does a day go by as planned.

Life is filled with inconveniences. Our plans are constantly thwarted by forces beyond our control. The list is long and ever-changing: Sickness. Conflict. Traffic jams. Forgetfulness. Appliance malfunctions. Rudeness. Laziness. Impatience. Incompetence.

What we cannot see, however, is the other side of inconvenience. We think it has no purpose other than to discourage us, make life more difficult, and thwart our plans. However, inconvenience could be God’s way of protecting us from some unseen danger, or it could be an opportunity to demonstrate God’s grace and forgiveness. It might be the start of something even better than we had planned. Or it could be a test to see how we respond to adversity. Whatever it is, even though we may not know God’s reason, we can be assured of His motive—to make us more like Jesus and to further His kingdom on earth.

To say that God’s followers throughout history have been “inconvenienced” would be an understatement. But God had a purpose. Knowing this, we can thank Him, being confident that He is giving us an opportunity to redeem the time (Eph. 5:16,20).

Lord, so often it’s the little things in life that get
to me, and there seem to be so many of them.
Whenever I’m tempted to lose my temper, blame
someone, or just give up, help me see You.
What happens to us is not nearly as important as what God does in us and through us.
 Source: Our Daily Bread, 28 Jan 2014

[Music Monday] 大地回春 Love & Girls – Girls’ Generation

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Okay. Wanted to do a CNY special and introduce the CNY song that I quite like – 大地回春. The lyrics just paints a pretty picture in my mind of spring! It’s usually one of the first song that sneaks into my head.

BUT! I can’t find the none ching-chong versions. Zzzz. Why! Why must CNY songs be so noisy or filled with girls parading around in cheongsam du-to (eck!)? Where are the decent ones? So I have decided to introduce another SNSD song. Wanted to do a sad song but that can wait after CNY (:

Love & Girls! It’s a really really fun song with not much of a meaning ;p Well, actually it’s about how girls are awesome! (: The dance is quite cute. I always end up doing the silly hand action (left-right-left-right) unconsciously when I hear the song. Heee. The outfit for this song is also more relaxed and casual. LOVE THE SHOES! (Yes, I am still hunting for my new high-cut shoes!)

Without further ado….

飛び乗りましょ! オ・ア・ソ・ビに!  (Let’s jump on! Let’s go out and play!)

Naaa-na-na-na-na Naa-na-na Love & Girls!

See you guys next week!



when your face decides to have puberty now at age 26, it just explodes 😦

if it decides to be angry with you, it becomes really angry.

or it could just be all those rice i left on my plate. they are coming back to haunt me.

it’s so bad that i don’t even feel like meeting anyone right now 😦 will post a picture here soon.

What are you doing this weekend?

A common question. Usually used to start a conversation. I’ve even used it myself! BUT! It’s these (see below) common replies when people realised that you have nothing plan, staying at home that really irks me. I really appreciate people trying to talk to me though!

Oh yeah. I have also come up with some possible replies (in italics) I might use next time.

Option 1 – I can’t take it!

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“Nothing much. Going home.”

“But it’s Friday! Aren’t you going to do something exciting?!”

“But it’s precisely it’s Friday that I am going home! It’s too exciting for me. I can’t take it!”

Option 2 – Return to the Terrible 2s

“So what are your plans this weekend?”

“Nothing much. Just staying home for some quiet me time.”

“But why?”

“Why why?” 

“It’s the weekend! You should do something!”

“But why?” *keeps asking why*

Option 3 – Freak them out

“What are you doing for your leave?”

“Nothing. Just catch up on sleep. Do some cleaning.”

“You should do something fun!”

“Oh. But cleaning is fun! The dusting, the wiping. That’s my favorite!” 

Option 4 – Freak them out (2)

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“I’m going home. I have a party in my head to plan and attend.”

Option 5 – Imaginary boyfriend

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“I’m going home to meet my Korean boyfriend, Siwon. He just flew in from Korea.”

Honestly, I think I am the ultimate conversation stopper. It’s quite bad if you take a look at it. I take a super long time to warm up to people, which is bad enough. Then when people try to talk to me, I can somehow stop the conversation.

I guess, to some extent, I just can’t be bothered don’t quite get the reasoning behind asking back the person what they’ve just asked you. Like….

“How was your weekend?” “Not too bad. And how was yours?”

I’m like *mimics head exploding* Never did. Never will seeing that I am already 27.

Come to think of it, I got to know most of my friends through working with them. Not by talking randomly or doing lunch or stuff like that *thinks* Yeah. Something  like that. We would have worked together on some things, then after that, we just kind of form a “friendship” of sort. The last time I made friends not using this “work” thing is probably back in secondary school? Woah.

But yeah. It’s okay to ask the question but the replies should be more like –

“It’s Friday! Where are you going after work?”

“Nothing much. Going home to stone.”

“Spending time with the family?/Tough week huh?/Oh! Is there any good shows on TV these days?”

Sounds better already doesn’t it? But I guess I’m just weird and tough to know since I take time to warm up. I really don’t have much of a life for a person my age. I don’t go out with my friends. I go home everyday. I stay home whenever possible. I read alot. I don’t even watch dramas! I go for Korean lessons and the occasional dance class. And that’s about it.

Hmmmm. I think I am going to try tackling the list of commonly asked questions during CNY. I’m pretty sure I can come up with show-stopping replies! Stay tuned!



had a tough day.

partly hormones i think. when i don’t get enough sleep and when auntie red is here, it’s really a deadly cocktail. if this continues to happen next month, I think it’s time to go to the gynae. I’m way overdue for one anyway.

I’m lucky though. Jerrick offered to have lunch with me. But I thought seeing a familiar face will make T.T so I met up with ZQ. Not saying that he is not a familiar face but he did see me T.T before during the lead up to my resignation so he is more prepared. So yeah. Thank you, Jerrick and ZQ! (:

As I get older, I think my perseverance seem to be decreasing. I didn’t like the first thought that entered my mind today.

I’m gonna ride this through. I will keep trying and keep communicating until things work. Even if it’s going to be painful.

Dear God, please bless me with perseverance so I can get through this tough time; a clear mind to deal with things objectively; courage to make a difference. Most of all, please guide me through this. 

[Music Monday] Mr Taxi/Bad Girl – Girls’ Generation

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

I seem to be getting pretty nostalgic recently. Hehe.

But yes! The choice for Music Monday today is chosen cos this song popped up on my iPod touch and it got me watching all the old MVs of the girls again. And also, reminded me of how K-Pop kicked me out of the super low mood (credits to Super Junior!).

SO! Mr Taxi! This is the first original Japanese songs from the girls! There’s some Korean words mixed into the song which is kind of cool.

And the dance! It has to be one of my favorite (out of their Japanese songs). The others that I like equally would probably be “Bad Girl” and “Animal”. Oh, heck it! I will throw in “Bad Girl” as well (:

I think “Bad Girl” is not as well known as the other of their Japanese songs. Or maybe it’s just me. I think “Bad Girl” was released around the same time as “The Great Escape” which I totally don’t like back then (now, I don’t mind it). 

But yeah. “Bad Girl” has Oppa-Yuri! HAHAHAH! Poor Yoona’s line in the song was, “Oh yeah~” only. Really sad! Girls look awesome though!

Can you see how much I miss having dance class? ;p I am concentrating so much on the dances of the songs today! HAHAHAH! But yeah. Hopefully the girls will have a comeback soon! Or maybe classes for either Mr Taxi or Bad Girl will open up at Celine Jessandra? *hopeful* I can’t believe I actually dismissed the dance classes for these 2 songs back then.

But yeah. That’s all from me this week. Going to try and imitate some moves while listening to the songs now. Hehe.

remembering an old friend.

I walk pass the same 2 dolls every day when I bathe in the washroom in the parents’ room but it never hit me until today who those dolls were from. As I remembered, I got a little nostalgic and a little (sad) smile creep onto my face.

It was from a friend who had moved on. I can still remember when and how he gave those dolls to me. It was one year after PSLE, one year after we all started secondary school. You start drifting apart from your primary school friends. But TPL was the only person who still constantly came and “tease” me on MSN.

So it was the day of my birthday and he popped up on MSN…I can’t remember what we talked about but he said (something along the line of) –

I bought you a present and left it with your dad!

I didn’t believe him cos if that did happen, my dad would have called me and the dad didn’t. So I told him to stop bluffing and that continued for quite some time. He said (something along the line of) –

I didn’t forget your birthday! You probably don’t remember mine lor!

And that’s when I said, “If you really bought me a present, I’ll never forget your birthday!”

True enough. That night when the dad came home from the shop, my dad handed me the present from TPL. When I opened it, I was quite embarrassed but now, thinking back, it’s quite funny (: Over the years, he didn’t forget my birthday and neither did I (I hope so).

Occasionally, we would still talk on MSN but as the years went on, we drifted apart as well.

I can’t even remember the last time I talk to him. But I remembered it was a really short conversation.

Sometimes, I wondered if there was anything that I could have done. If I had reached out a hand to help him, would things be different?

But that’s all too late now. It’s been about 5 years? I still remember when his birthday was (sometimes belatedly). Still remember his neoprint in my autograph book. Still remember talking on the phone with him back in the primary school days. Still remember the time when our elder siblings (who were classmates) eavesdropped on our phonecall. Still remember the joke of people saying how he changed the lyrics of a song to fit my name inside.

When I remember him, I remember laughters. Thank you.

TPL, I hope you are happy where you are. That you have found the peace that has always been so evasive.