much hoo-haa about Mediacorp’s Celebrate TV 50 Countdown Party

Been seeing much discussion about the countdown party. Most of each centered on the issue of the party having an element of Chinese programs or just speaking in Mandarin in general.

Here’s my 5-cents worth from watching the show till 11pm.

a) It was much better than all the years before. MUCH. I can still remember the disaster in 2011. Tay Ping Hui singing, anyone? Poor thing he.
b) They did introduce memorable programs from Ch8, Ch5, Suria and Vasamtham.
c) It’s TV 50 afterall. And I think Mediacorp has been stronger in their Chinese productions. Maybe that explains having so much “Mandarin” in the show?
d) Please. Mandarin was broadcasted in Ch5. English was broadcasted in Ch8 as well.
e) If you noticed, when local artistes sing, it’s mostly in ENGLISH.
f) I don’t hear complains when BAP (K-Pop group) was performing last year. So..why now about Lee Hom? There’s The Wanted too, isn’t it?
g) on the side, each channel have their own countdown program for their main festival like  CNY and Deepavali (I know cos I have been watching way too much daytime tv these days).

Personally, I rather liked it when they introduced old tv programmes from Ch5 and Ch8. Oh the memories (: And that bit with the newscaster and The Noose, hilarious!

My only gripe? The hogged both channels and restricted my choices. Oh, Dick Lee was great as usual but his singing was a little hard to get comfortable to somehow this round (the sister said that’s cos he kept changing keys).

All in all, it was a much better show than before. In my opinion at least. Not perfect or even good. Just better.


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