Life 3.0 – The Adventures Begin

By the time you are reading this, I am either a) squeezed in a train towards Marina Bay, b) have reported to work or c) half-way through my first day of work.

Superstitious person that I am, I am trying to keep a low profile this time (:

Here’s a hint of where I’ll be at. I love Raffles Place and am lucky to be back there again!

where i was, i was, i am.

While reviewing my Instagram photos for 2013, I saw this picture that was taken approximately 18 weeks again. And it showed where I was, where I moved and where I’ll be (: At least I think that building is where I am now. You know how bad I am with directions sometimes. Hehe.

To be honest, I am approaching this job with a mix of emotions. Not really sure what to expect or how to go about it. But HEY! I made my boss and my boss’ boss and they seem like nice people. That’s good! Here’s how I feel in Korean, “신난다 (Awesome). 기대한다 (Anticipation). 긴장 한다 (Nervous). 무서운다 (Scared). 좋은 물건 부탁한다 (Please be great!). 제발 (Please)!”

I’ll work hard! And of course, do the “$5 Challenge” well too!

Here’s to Life 3.0 – The Adventures Begin! Wish me luck (:



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