i can’t express myself well..but i’ll try.

Somehow, I think that the way I derive satisfaction from work has changed. Or rather…it hasn’t changed, just more pronounced now. 

Here are some things I’ve realised about myself –

I’m a hands-on person.
You can talk to me till the cows come home. I’ll listen but rarely will I have questions to ask. But once I start working on things, questions starts coming out. I understand better, maybe even learn faster. 

I like to get my hands dirty. 
Hmm. How should I explain this? I like to do things from end-to-end. There’s no greater satisfaction than making plans, executing them and then improving from there. I like going down to the branches to talk to them or even just be there. 

Comes from knowing that I’ve made someone day, made a difference, improved something.

Jack of all trades (master of none?).
I think I am quite trained in this during my previous job stints. I was the writer, the designer, the logistic person, the delegator, the contact person, the programmer, the event person etc. And I really like that.

MINDEF was right.
The profiling test is pretty accurate I have to say.

And then…

I don’t know. I have this jumble of feelings in me but I dont know how to verbalise them. Sigh. 

Work has been tough, which is not a bad thing. I am learning how to adapt to the culture. Trying to extrapolate whatever that I know from local level to Group level. Having to dilute the yellow blood to become red blood. It’s been tough for me and tough for my boss as well I think. So far, we have had 2 really tough meetings. So, thank you, boss for not running low on patience with me.

Red is the end result of what Yellow will be. Wanted to be. So that’s really interesting.

This has to be the toughest challenge in my working life. Anyway, only 1.5 weeks into the job. No one adapt to their job right from Day 1! Things will get better once I am adapted. I’m sure. I hope. 



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