remembering an old friend.

I walk pass the same 2 dolls every day when I bathe in the washroom in the parents’ room but it never hit me until today who those dolls were from. As I remembered, I got a little nostalgic and a little (sad) smile creep onto my face.

It was from a friend who had moved on. I can still remember when and how he gave those dolls to me. It was one year after PSLE, one year after we all started secondary school. You start drifting apart from your primary school friends. But TPL was the only person who still constantly came and “tease” me on MSN.

So it was the day of my birthday and he popped up on MSN…I can’t remember what we talked about but he said (something along the line of) –

I bought you a present and left it with your dad!

I didn’t believe him cos if that did happen, my dad would have called me and the dad didn’t. So I told him to stop bluffing and that continued for quite some time. He said (something along the line of) –

I didn’t forget your birthday! You probably don’t remember mine lor!

And that’s when I said, “If you really bought me a present, I’ll never forget your birthday!”

True enough. That night when the dad came home from the shop, my dad handed me the present from TPL. When I opened it, I was quite embarrassed but now, thinking back, it’s quite funny (: Over the years, he didn’t forget my birthday and neither did I (I hope so).

Occasionally, we would still talk on MSN but as the years went on, we drifted apart as well.

I can’t even remember the last time I talk to him. But I remembered it was a really short conversation.

Sometimes, I wondered if there was anything that I could have done. If I had reached out a hand to help him, would things be different?

But that’s all too late now. It’s been about 5 years? I still remember when his birthday was (sometimes belatedly). Still remember his neoprint in my autograph book. Still remember talking on the phone with him back in the primary school days. Still remember the time when our elder siblings (who were classmates) eavesdropped on our phonecall. Still remember the joke of people saying how he changed the lyrics of a song to fit my name inside.

When I remember him, I remember laughters. Thank you.

TPL, I hope you are happy where you are. That you have found the peace that has always been so evasive.


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