Toshl Finance Budget & Expense

This app is seriously awesome (: I discovered it by chance when I was working briefly at Citibank and was looking for ways to track my spending. My requirements were simple – something that can help me keep track of how much I am spending each month, that prompts me to key in my daily expenditure. Toshl did all that and more!

Keying in your expenditure

I wanted something that helped me to keep track of my spending. I had no idea how I wanted it to be presented or organised. I was basically expecting a digital debit/credit thing but Toshl surprised me by adding tags (and allowing us to create our own)! Genius!

keying in an expenditure.

keying in an expenditure.

On top of tags, you can also choose the currency, the days, repetition and even add in a brief description of the expenditure. I have forced myself to write a description for unexpected expenditure like “woke up late, took cab to train station” ;p

A typical entry for a day looks like this –

a typical daily report. (date and icon is added by myself)

Keying in your salary/money inputs

Basically the same as keying in the expenditures (:

Keeping track of your budget 

Because I am a cheapskate, I am using the free version which unfortunately only allow me to have ONE budget ;p

adding a budget

adding a budget.

It’s pretty straightforward. Key in your budget and then it keeps tracks for you. If you are a graphical person like me, you will like the “progress bar”. Now, if you look at the paragraph that says, “Due in 26 days..” you will see that it says some tags are excluded. What does it mean?

I tell you. It’s BRILLIANT! I love love this function.

Basically, you can choose which expenditure count towards which budget. For example, since I can only track ONE budget, I choose to track daily expenses like lunch and transport. Other expenditure like shopping and lessons, I don’t.

editing a budget.

editing a budget.

So I choose the duration of the budget (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, custom etc) and which tag to exclude from the budget. If you scroll down further, you can also set the start and end date of the budget. Very very useful (:

You can view your expenses daily or by tags for the current cycle. I find that viewing by tags is pretty useful cos it helps to determine where your money is leaking to!

viewing expenditure by tags.

viewing expenditure by tags.

Notice that even tags that don’t contribute to your monthly budget turns up too! And you can see the detailed expenditure pattern for each tag. Awesome no?

Ohyes. Just in case, the budget refreshes itself at the end of the cycle (: I think for the free version, they only keep 2-3 months of your budget.


The information in the app is synced to Toshl but I’ve never explored that part yet. And there’s also the export button for those who wants to export their expenditure and keep for a longer period of time.



Just found this!

So while preparing for this post, I found this page. Hmmmm. Not sure how that S$3,000 came from and why those it compare my expenses with my salary (the green portion). Have to explore a bit more and see what information I can extract/derive from this page.




Remember I said that I needed a reminder to key in the expenses. Toshl has it! Mine was set to 7.00pm everyday for about 2-3 months. Now it’s more of a habit so I have switched off the alarm (:

General Settings.

General Settings.

You might ask why do I want to compartmentalise and group my budget to this extent. Well, I think it’s always nice to know where your money is going to and knowing means you can better plan your finances (:

So yups! Toshl is an awesome app! Download it now! (:

Will try to give a summary of my $5 post soon! I’m too exhausted. The inability to sleep on weekdays is bad.


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