Chingay 2014

The last time I attended Chingay was back in 2010, I think. Back when I was still photoblogging for STB. That Chingay was awesome! The firecrackers, the drums, the floats and the energy of performances/performers. Loved it!

So when Benjamin offered me the tickets, I took it!

It’s really hard to shoot Chingay, I tell you. The many different colored lights. The pockets of darkness and light. And so many people! Who to focus on? Most of my photos are quite bad and I am not anyway near finish looking through it. But here’s a few that I quite like (:

swan lake by students at the CCs.

the super hyper lion puppets. my panning shot actually worked!

firecrackers and sparklers on a much smaller scale this round 😦

The energy level is quite different from that of Chingay 2010. Not as smiley but I guess with CNY so close, they must be exhausted. Other than the Swanlake performance (above), I also like the performance from Korea and Japan (: Though it was kind of weird to see the Koreans dancing to some English pop song (cos it was a combined performance with other countries).

pretty (:

pretty (:

hey-sho, hey-sho!

hey-sho, hey-sho!

Oh yes! Just realised that the scarf given out during the parade was knitted by the CCs! (: Will try to put the picture here soon!

The colleagues and I were reminiscing about the time when Chingay was free and was at Orchard Road. I couldn’t remember much about it except for the year when I joined the parade as a motivator. It was quite an experience to see the performers up close (:

Chingay has already been telecast on Channel 8 tonight. But don’t worry! There will be a repeat telecast next Sunday afternoon I think (: XinMSN is down so I can’t check the timing. Heh. Oh and….Chingay 2015 will be on 20 and 21 February. Since it’s going to be in collaboartion of SG50, it should be quite interesting! But hopefully it won’t be like a mini-NDP though. Cos Chingay is all about celebrating the diversity of Singapore! Till then!

fireworks in the sky and in her hands.


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