thank you, FRANK (:

I was hooked on to FRANK by OCBC the moment I heard about the concept from my ex-colleague. When the then-boss suggested to head down to the SMU campus branch for a visit, I jumped on the chance and tagged along.

Was so won over by the branch design, the language used and the concept of the savings account that I ended up signing up for the Savings Account and paying for the card design. I thought that will be the end of my “experience”. But I was wrong.

About a year later, FRANK came out with their credit card. 6% cash rebate on all online purchases (if I spend more than $500 that month)! Tempting! So when I had to go to the SMU branch (again) as part of my CJ course, I ended up signing up for the card and got another design (free this time round!).

Unknowingly, all my purchases were consolidated into my FRANK card and my wallet was dominated with OCBC cards (:

dominated by OCBC!

During the first month of getting the FRANK card, I didn’t even know I was eligible for the suitcase. But guess what? A redemption letter was sent to my mailbox, giving simple and clear instructions on how to redeem it. It was painless!

That’s not all! I didn’t even know that my FRANK debit card was expiring until I received the replacement card (in the same design as my previous one) *thumbs up*

And then, as I was turning 26 and starting to wonder when the minimum sum rule will kick in, I received a letter from FRANK wishing me a “Happy Birthday” and informing me that the rule will only kick in next month *phew*

Then! The incident that triggered this post…I received a pleasant surprise in my mail again (:

rewarding me for paying on time.

I wasn’t even expecting this and paying bills on time is something that we SHOULD do. Therefore, being rewarded (in any way) for something that I am supposed to do is so so nice (: #FTIF

So once again, thank you thank you thank you!

I am so touched by FRANK’s efforts to reach out and to delight their customers (: Hopefully someday I’ll be able to do the same thing too (maybe even join them?). Heeeee.

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