when meeting someone new…

When you meet someone new, do you give them the once over?

I had this experience today that made me a little self-concious. After being introduced to someone, the person said, “Hi.” and then immediately gave me the once over. It made me a little self-concious especially since I was in my Havaianas and lugging my auntie recyclable bag.

Yes, I wear Havianas to work because I walk to Golden Shoe (that’s about 1 MRT stop) every day during lunch. And I walk home from the train station on some days too. Covered shoes don’t work for me as my feet swell quite a bit after doing some serious bit of walking which will then result in me getting some form of cuts somewhere. The curious thing is that flats are always worse off than heels!


To everyone out there! It’s normal to want to give someone the once over when you first meet them. Whether out of curiosity or to see if the person is worth your effort to get your know (which is a plain rude reason), DONT! Even if you think that you are doing it oh-so-discreetly. Just don’t! Cos you’re not!

If you think the once-over is important cos it helps you to form your first impression of the person, have you ever thought of what kind of first impression the other person is forming of you? AHA!

So…do try to just smile, look the person in the face/eyes and say a polite (if not sincere), “Hello!”

Plenty of time to do the once over later. Or just discreetly walk behind/away and then do as many “once over” as you like.

Besides, if you are gauging a person’s worth/character based on first impression….STOP IT! (listening to too much Class95 in the morning ;p). Don’t be shallow! There are so many videos online that proves that first impressions are (more often than not) wrong! So yeah.

credits: hannahandlily.blogspot.com


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