are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S5?

I think my friends have gone pass the stage of asking me this question because I will almost always always without fail, get a Samsung phone every other year (when my contract expires). Instead, they will either keep quiet or go, “Apple, Apple, Apple.” #truestory

I’m a huge Samsung fan a loyal Samsung user. From the A800 to Samsung Omnia to Samsung Galaxy to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Even when my S3 died, I grabbed the chance when Daniel offered me his spare Galaxy Note 2.

every phone has a story.

every phone has a story.

However, after my ‘harrowing’ experiences with the Samsung Service Centre and the super short lifespan of my Galaxy S3, I am actually *hold your breath, folks* having second thoughts about pruchasing the Samsung Galaxy S5 when my contract expires…TODAY.

During one of the lunches with ZQ, I told him, “I don’t want any fancy latest technology for the new S5. I just want them to make it more durable and usable.”

And I think that’s precisely what happened. To quote a report from TODAY newspaper –

Mr J K Shin, President and Chief Executive of Samsung’s mobile division, said: “Our consumers do not want eye-popping or the most complex technology.” Instead, a survey revealed that they were interested in simple enhancements such as durable design, a better camera, faster and more seamless connectivity and the ability to manage fitness plans.


But did the S5 do that? I don’t know.

In terms of technology, the fingerprint scanner was expected. Download Booster (send data over Wifi and mobile data) sounds useful but honestly, with only 2GB of data per month, I will stick to Wifi (white elephant function again). For camera, the real time HDR and the bokeh things  sounds interesting. But I guess the function that I am looking forward to trying the most is the S Health Suite 3 (a fitness tracker and calorie counter). It might either fan my desire to get a JawBone UP or might satisfy my desire for you (:

In terms of appearance, I guess it looks more durable but it seems to have lost the sleekness and refine-ness that I have come to expect from Samsung.

The polka-dot back cover T_T

can we say R-E-T-R-O?

Then the metallic finish of the side that somehow gives me the nagging thought that it will rust. Boooo! And it makes the entire phone look so thick (and cheap) 😦 I much rather have the cheapo plastic thing that S3 had.

Sigh. But the whole dust-proof and water-proof is interesting though.


Will I buy the Galaxy S5? 

I haven’t quite make up my mind yet. If only there’s a way for me to actually hold the phone in my hand to see how it feels…

But maybe I will still sign up for pre-order and see how it goes from there? I have about 1.5 months to think about it (am secretly hoping we belong to a later group) ;p


What’s your thoughts? Buy or don’t buy?


2 thoughts on “are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S5?

  1. Wow, that gave you a lot more room in your dining area, didn’t it? The chairs look really nice with that table, and I love the sheepskin throws on them. I was just pricing sheepskin last night, and I was wondering how the IKEA pieces looked. I’m glad I got to see them in your house.

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