i Light Marina Bay 2014 (:

It’s been quite some time since the usual suspects met up. Somehow, we agreed on 8th March sometime back. We had no idea where we wanted to go…From Haw Par Villa to the Green Corridor to King Albert Park. It was during one of my lunch walk that it hit me. We can go to i Light at Marina Bay! (:

And we did go to i Light at Marina Bay. Silly me arranged to meet way too early so we spent about an hour plus nuar-ing at the seats outside Esplanade.

What is i Light Marina Bay?

i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases the creative use of art. The ‘light art’ installations are placed all around the bay – outside MBS, along the promontory and outside Esplanade.

The last time I went to i Light was back in 2010 together with Vivian and Vincent. We went there in our heels and office wear. Can’t imagine how we survived that ;p My experience then was…boring. It’s literally art. They are pretty but that’s about it.

the teddy bears (i Light 2010).

That explains why I didn’t go back when the subsequent festivals. Heh.

However! This year’s installations caught my eye while walking to buy lunch this past week and since we have nowhere to go…might as well.

i Light Marina Bay 2014

How was it? Quite fun! (: The art installations are mostly interactive! You can either step on them or switch on some lights or another.

My favorite has to be this –

B9 - Cloud

B9 – Cloud

The Cloud is made up of many any light bulbs and the “strands” you see hanging are actually metal chains that you can pull to switch on the lights. Like the little kids around me, I went up to the installation and started tugging at the chains and smiling in wonder (if there’s such a description) when they light up 😀 But I think something dropped out while the kids while tugging at it cos I heard something dropped to the ground (sounds like a bulb) and a collective “Ohhh.” from the crowd. Eeps!

The most abstract piece has to be the net hanging at the floating platform. It reminded me of a uterus for some reason. No, really. Don’t ask me why. Hahahah!

the net/milky way.

While on the way out from the floating platform, I turned around and it was an EUREKA! moment. The net was a replica of the Art Science Museum!


There are many other installations like giant dandelions, a car that only lights up when you cycle, giant teddy bears, wishing tree where you can write a wish and throw it up (go early!), loads of hearts and many many more. I think we missed out quite a few somehow (and our legs are already crying out for help).

똑똑한 곰. Professor Bear.

i thought they looked like egg yolks. but…it’s a crocodile!!

Here’s one of my favourite photo. The installation is quite plain but I took it from the bottom and was lucky to have caught the perfect timing and hence color!And since I won’t be going to Korea this year to look at the cherry blossoms, this is close enough!

they remind me of cherry blossoms (:

they remind me of cherry blossoms (:

Ohhhh! I had a brainwave towards the end of the walk. There’s this installation where they have light plates on the floor and loads of folks are running around on it. So I told the usual suspects that it would be nice if we do long exposure…Have a person stand in the middle while the rest of the folks are running around them. Heee. DK set it up and we did the shot!

group shot. photo from DK.

DK said we should used flash so that we can see out face. But by then we have already left and JUST TOO HUNGRY! Haha. So yeah.

Should you go to i Light 2014?

Yes! The interactive “light art” installations are pretty fun!

If you have kids, you can bring them along too!

Oh and the floating platform is open. So you can sit on the ‘lawn’ and look at the night sky. It’s really relaxing. When we sat down, we almost didn’t want to move.

If you plan to walk the entire route, do sat aside about 2-3 hours. Otherwise, you can do a short walk around the area after dinner.

For more information, you can visit the official i Light Marina Bay 2014 website here.


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