it’s not such a secret anymore that i am working hard, saving hard for a dream. 

while looking through Facebook today, I realised that this is the first time I am actually working hard for something for myself

I have always been a saver (money). but i have been saving for the future, for the emergency fund. they are nothing specific or driven by a motivation to provide a better future for my parents so they can retire.

this is the first time I am actually saving for myself. for something specific.

it’s tiring. the scrimping, the saving. the tuition sessions after work. the constant need to count every single cent I spend. 
it’s scary too. because I am motivated by the trip. what if it doesn’t happen? and if it does happen, my savings will be gone. what then?

It does help when my friends are behind me. eating cheap food with me. treating me when they see that I am in need of a treat but can’t bear to part with the money. or when I told my financial planner that, “my savings will be back to zero. is it okay?” she told me to just go ahead and do it. that savings can be accumulated again. that financially, I am pretty much on track. or my boss who was quite cool after hearing my plans.

it also help that my mum seems to be quite supportive. she doesn’t really show it and turns silent when I told her about my doubts. but in her small ways, she’s supportive. like telling an auntie that I am going to “study” again. 

i don’t know how it will turn out. but i can only hope and continue doing what i do.

i also thank God for being with me. giving me the perseverance, the strength to carry on. for planting people at times when i need encouragement. for everything. 

jiayou, #claudssavingsplan


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