1. the uncles do the laundry

I just realised that the men do the laundry on my floor. not sure who washes them but they sun the laundry. Was on my way to the doctor when I saw the dad and the uncle next door talking about the weather and….*wait for it* sunning the laundry!

So cute, please!

Anyways, I hate it when the dad pushes the fresh laundry out to the corridor. Imagine the dust and the dirt. Eck. no matter how many times i told the dad not to push the laundry into the corridor. he wont listen -.-

2. the pets

the neighbour’s cat and dog, both waiting patiently at the door while uncle was sunning the laundry. both turned their head together when i walked past five times (yes, i did it on purpose cos it’s cute!)


havent seen the cat in awhile. you might remember my fb post about talking to the cat in korean and how i got traumatized by it when it tried to scratch me;p the cat got so tubby that it can’t jump through the gate and roam the corridor.

3. the aunties/uncles who used to frequent dad’s shop

yes (: all familiar faces! And they may not remember who I am but when we walk pass each other, we smile at each other. so much friendlier than the grouchy faces you see in cbd!

anyhoos, my tummy is being naughty again. somehow i got some irritable bowel system. WHAT IS THAT?! T_T

it was another comfortable session at the clinic. the doctor and nurses practically watch me grow up! it was kind of easy to talk about a rather potential embarrassing situation. the nurses and I were joking about how too much and too little was bad.

okay. time to go rest. GO AWAY, TUMMYACHE!


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