how i taught my P3 kid to read time/number in Chinese.

While going through a passage with my tuition kid today, she told me she can’t really read time in Chinese. So, I came up with something on the spot and it seems to help her (:

She knows the numbers 1-10 in Chinese. But anything other than that, she gets a little confused. So here’s what I taught her.

1. If the numbers are in a pair…

a) …and if十  in front

You add up the numbers.

For example, 十五 is equal to 10 (十) and 5 (五). So that’s 10 + 5 = 15.
Therefore, 早上 八点 十五分 is then 8.15am.


b) and if 十 at the back

You multiply the numbers.

For example, 二十 is equal to 2 (二) and 10 (十). So that’s 2 x 10 = 20.
Therefore, 下午 两点 二十分 is then 2.20pm.

2. If the numbers are in 3s…

The first two numbers are together and the last one is alone (:

Then you will always multiply the first two numbers then you add the last one to them.

For example, 四十五 is viewed as 四十 and 五.
Then you multiply the first 2 numbers – 4 (四) and 10 (十). So that’s 4 x 10 =40.
Finally, add the last number to them. So that’s 40 and 5 (五) = 40+5 =45.

Therefore, 晚上 七点 四十五分 is then 7.45pm.

She seems to be able to get it much faster the more we practice (: So so glad! Heee.


[Music Monday] Sabbath Songs from when I was young (:

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

If you have known me for a while, you know I don’t openly declare my faith/religion. But recently, I feel the need to post stuff that resonates with me. Sometimes, it’s more because it serves as a way to reassure myself, to comfort myself. Sometimes, I hope that the words that provided me so much comfort, will help others who are in the same situation. So, I hope I am not making anyone of you uncomfortable (:

If you are on my Facebook, you know how badly I was hit by a bout of negativity at work. To quote one of my favorite song, “I’m only hearing negative – no. no. no.”  I totally lost it. I retaliated with attitude. I almost lost my patience with my favorite tuition kid because of the negativity. I was so upset that when I went home, I almost curled up to cry. When my mum walked into the living room, she saw me munching on chocolate and she knew it was bad. Yes, the negativity was swallowing me.

Over the weekend, I was afraid. Afraid of Monday. Of having to face that negativity again. I still am. A little. But to encourage myself a little, I went to Youtube and googled for Christian songs’ for kids and I found a video with all of the songs I used to sing when I was in. Both in church and in kindergarten (:

It distracted me from my fear a little. So I thought I should share this with you as well –

So yup! That’s all!

With that said, please continue to pray for South Korea. I find myself tearing whenever I watch news report on them 😦 

Confusion on the SIM Student Services Hotline.

the background
the brother unit is enrolling into UOL soon. the bridging courses start in mid-May and according to the contract, payment has to be made by 2nd May.

the 1st phonecall
since the brother will be travelling and I have to pay on his behalf, I called up SIM about 2 weeks ago and asked what documents do I have to bring for me to do that.

the lady on the line told me that first, I have to wait for my brother to receive an invoice in his student account and I can just proceed to make payment for the courses with the invoices.

nice. easy. simple.

the 2nd phonecall
It’s almost less than a week to 2nd May and the brother has yet to received any invoice in his student account. At the same time, he received another message that says that payment is now due on the 17th of May.

Just to be on the safe side, I called up SIM again. My question was simple, “When will the invoice be generated? When is the actual due date – 2nd or 17th of May?”

But the answer I got was gibberish.

When is the actual due date?

The person said that the due date remains as 2nd of May.

In that case, when will the invoice be generated?

The person called the programme office and told me that the invoice will be generated and once the invoice is received by my brother, I can make payment via various methods etc etc. Totally not answering my questions. So I repeated my question again.

The person said the programme office has no idea as well and it all depends on the Finance department. So I asked her, “If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be calling up the Finance department to check instead of the Programme Office?”  Ok.

Put on hold for about 5-10minutes

The person told me that the Finance Office said they are generating the invoices in batches. So thinking that my brother might be in the last batch, I asked, “Oh. In that case, when will the last batch be generated?”

The person replied, “Oh. They are not sure. But the first batch of invoices will be generated in the first week of May.”

I’m like…HUH?! I said, “But…first week of May means 1st of May? And payment due date is on the 2nd of May? Even banks give us 2 weeks notice for payments. Are you sure?”

The person realised the flawed in the logic and I was put on hold again.

Put on hold for another 5-10minutes

The person got back to me and said that the payment due date of 2nd May is actually a guideline and that once the invoices has been generated, there will be a new due date and that’s the one I should follow.

Okay, can.

Like FINALLY! That was the answer I wanted all along!

Having lost confidence in the person, I asked for the person’s name and her supervisor’s name. I’m sorry to be mean but I really have to be on the safe side.

Thank you though.

She was however very pro-active in that…she helped to check that my brother was enrolled in the proper courses and that he can attend the bridging course.

So thank you, Shimin (Tan) for your patience and helping to check with the various departments despite the confusion at the start.

I dont know if it happens to you. but of late, I find myself surrounded by noises and distraction. work, family, tuition, working towards my 유학 that I got tired, got lost. I was on auto-pilot, I was tired, I was ready to throw in the towel.

No matter how much I try to rest…sleep until I cant sleep anymore, it was not enough.

So I’m glad for this long weekend. I did nothing but sleep and read. All that I had to worry about was…”Should I sleep now or read more? What show should I watch tonight? Or read some more?”

I barely spoke. just a few sentences here and there. not more than 15 sentences a day.

I found peace. The quiet buzz that was sorely missing.

Yes, I love being around people. I love joking around. But I think I am also a person who…after all the raa-raa, needs her space.

Maybe because I am less stress now that the pimples are emerging again. All the noises are showing on my face. I’m upset but I’ll cope with it. I’ll finally start on the bottle of evening primrose I bought last year *fingers crossed*

And if I’m allowed to be a little holy-moly :p thank you, god for this weekend. help me stay focused on you and close to you as I enter the daily grind again (:

jiayou, everyone!

goodbye, xiaohei :(

Dear Xiao Hei,

I’ll always remember how I found out about you. The sister has been asking me weird questions while I was in Korea last year. And on the express train to Incheon airport, it hit me that the sister bought a car (you). True enough, when I switched on the phone at Incheon, she sent a photo of the 3 soft toys sitting comfortable in you.

photo recreated on 14 April 2014.

photo recreated on 14 April 2014.

When I touched down in Singapore 6 hours later, we met. I remembered having to share the backseat with my huge luggage. You were that tiny. Honestly? I was a little angry with the sister for buying you without consulting us and when I was away in Seoul for holiday. But since I just came back from one of my favorite place and what’s done cannot be undone, I was just too lazy to rant.

Over the period of one year, I think I’ve grown attached to you unknowingly.

Because of you, the sister, mum and I are able to head to J8 for dinner when the mum didn’t cook.

Because of you, I can hitch a ride home if the sister is near where I was.

Because of you, we were able to send the grams home from the hospital during that little “incident” back in December.

Because of you, I had a place to run to when I fought with the dad in December.

Because of you, the family were able to get to gatherings, reunion dinners and just travel from places to places together.

Do you know before that getting the family together in one “enclosed” place was hard? With public transport, we are distracted by our phones and the people around us. But in a car, you listen to the same stuff and see the same stuff. You tend to want to talk to each other more.

Of course, there’s that little accident back in December as well. It was scary. I realised just how tiny you were. But I’m glad you were okay and managed to keep both the sister and I safe. Yes, after the impact, my first thought was that I dropped cupcake on you. Haha!

Just you being there, it’s sort of comforting.

Thank you for being with us this past year (: We’ll meet again, yes?

안녕, xiao hei!

안녕, xiao hei!

And no, I am not going to cry like what I did when my dad sold his car about 20 years ago. Selling you signifies a huge step for my sister. A step bigger than buying you. I’m proud of her 😀 But I’ll miss you (:



[Music Monday] If I Die Young – The Band Perry

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P

Not in the best of moods. Almost didn’t want to write anything because I’ve been surrounding myself with silence these days. No radio, no ipod, nothing.

But on the rare occasion that I do switch on the radio at home, this song caught my attention. Something light and easy on the ears.

The ballad of a dove (oh, uh)
Go with peace and love
Gather up your tears, keep ’em in your pocket
Save ’em for a time when you’re really gonna need ’em, oh

Looking forward to Friday/Saturday. No work, no lesson, no tuition. Time to escape into my books.