goodbye, xiaohei :(

Dear Xiao Hei,

I’ll always remember how I found out about you. The sister has been asking me weird questions while I was in Korea last year. And on the express train to Incheon airport, it hit me that the sister bought a car (you). True enough, when I switched on the phone at Incheon, she sent a photo of the 3 soft toys sitting comfortable in you.

photo recreated on 14 April 2014.

photo recreated on 14 April 2014.

When I touched down in Singapore 6 hours later, we met. I remembered having to share the backseat with my huge luggage. You were that tiny. Honestly? I was a little angry with the sister for buying you without consulting us and when I was away in Seoul for holiday. But since I just came back from one of my favorite place and what’s done cannot be undone, I was just too lazy to rant.

Over the period of one year, I think I’ve grown attached to you unknowingly.

Because of you, the sister, mum and I are able to head to J8 for dinner when the mum didn’t cook.

Because of you, I can hitch a ride home if the sister is near where I was.

Because of you, we were able to send the grams home from the hospital during that little “incident” back in December.

Because of you, I had a place to run to when I fought with the dad in December.

Because of you, the family were able to get to gatherings, reunion dinners and just travel from places to places together.

Do you know before that getting the family together in one “enclosed” place was hard? With public transport, we are distracted by our phones and the people around us. But in a car, you listen to the same stuff and see the same stuff. You tend to want to talk to each other more.

Of course, there’s that little accident back in December as well. It was scary. I realised just how tiny you were. But I’m glad you were okay and managed to keep both the sister and I safe. Yes, after the impact, my first thought was that I dropped cupcake on you. Haha!

Just you being there, it’s sort of comforting.

Thank you for being with us this past year (: We’ll meet again, yes?

안녕, xiao hei!

안녕, xiao hei!

And no, I am not going to cry like what I did when my dad sold his car about 20 years ago. Selling you signifies a huge step for my sister. A step bigger than buying you. I’m proud of her 😀 But I’ll miss you (:



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