I dont know if it happens to you. but of late, I find myself surrounded by noises and distraction. work, family, tuition, working towards my 유학 that I got tired, got lost. I was on auto-pilot, I was tired, I was ready to throw in the towel.

No matter how much I try to rest…sleep until I cant sleep anymore, it was not enough.

So I’m glad for this long weekend. I did nothing but sleep and read. All that I had to worry about was…”Should I sleep now or read more? What show should I watch tonight? Or read some more?”

I barely spoke. just a few sentences here and there. not more than 15 sentences a day.

I found peace. The quiet buzz that was sorely missing.

Yes, I love being around people. I love joking around. But I think I am also a person who…after all the raa-raa, needs her space.

Maybe because I am less stress now that the pimples are emerging again. All the noises are showing on my face. I’m upset but I’ll cope with it. I’ll finally start on the bottle of evening primrose I bought last year *fingers crossed*

And if I’m allowed to be a little holy-moly :p thank you, god for this weekend. help me stay focused on you and close to you as I enter the daily grind again (:

jiayou, everyone!


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  1. Hi! came across your blog a few years back while i was planning my exchange and bookmarked it for ref. was clearing my browser while i came across your blog again today and i just want to say that your posts are really nice to read and jiayou in whatever you are saving for! 😀 -fellow ntu grad currently enslaved in the rat race

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