[Music Monday] Overdoes 중독 by EXO

Because we all need a earworm to kickstart the week! Plus, Monday is the only day in the week that starts with M. I’ll try to post non-Kpop songs occasionally :P


For the past week, I have been trying and trying to find a song that will get me moving or at least perk me up. But nothing worked. All my usual songs didn’t work! I skip songs after songs after songs and when I thought it’s something that might work? Nope.

So when the EXO’s crisis (read about it here) broke, I started paying attention to their new song. Partly because they keep winning on music shows.

And it’s stuck. Over the weekend, it stuck in my head. Just now, while cleaning the room, I keep going, “Oh…she wants me. Oh…she got me.” and because I dont remember the rest of the lyrics, the phrase just keeps going over and over again.

Good job, EXO. Another earworm created.

When I first saw the MV, I thought the dance was too messy. But after watching their performance, have to say that it’s quite awesome. Though I still prefer Growl :p

Starting to like Baekhyun more than Kai *cough* He is so cheeky in interviews, totally different from on stage. But still! Kai is awesome on stage. The part where his eyes rolled back during the dance? Woah. Just woah.

So yes, that’s it from me! Going to listen to the song a few more times 😀

Sideline: I feel sorry for the fans cos of Kris’ lawsuits. Hopefully they will stay strong, like how ELFs did. Fighting!



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