if I die young…

life is fragile. treasure every moment.

this is going to be a morbid post. dont worry, I am not suicidal. keke.

if I die (eventually), please fill my wake with laughter. don’t be afraid to laugh.

laugh at my bimbotic moments. laugh at how I take life too seriously sometimes. laugh at our silly fights.

if we haven’t talked in awhile for whatever reason but we were close in the past, come by. laugh at the moments that have past.

leave a seat for me. I will be there listening and laughing at these stories together with you.

Don’t cry. if you must, laugh till tears come. then cry.

tell my parents about my silly moments if you can. make them laugh too.

my funeral will be a celebration, a gathering. a reminder of how I have made you laugh. 

I once asked my ex why do people take pictures at funeral. he said, “it’s to remember how the deceased have made a difference in others life.”

so yes. laugh. dont cry.

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