second puberty.

I forgot when it started. Probably during the really bad haze period last year. But my skin seemed to be deteriorating again.

My dermatologist say it’s probably because of hormones. And that it’s rather common for those with clear skin during puberty to suddenly erupt in their 20s. I did notice that the pimples are bigger when it’s PMS season. But they are always there.

For the past few months, the situation was kind of controlled. On the left forehead, with some usual ‘suspect’ bubbling in a certain area. But now, it seems like it’s spreading to the right side and many tiny ones are coming out too. 

This morning, I woke up to this – 

 And it’s really worrying 😦 For the first time in ages (possibly my life), I actually feel ugly and depressed cos of my appearance. I didn’t want to go out at all. Though I did push myself out to dance class, I kept my head down all the time. I can’t bear to look at myself 😦

I dont know why it’s so bad now. But it could probably be caused by the stress I am facing at work. Sigh.

I need to buck up! Appearance is nothing. Heart is everything. Jiayou! 

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