oh, vanity.

Been a while since I wrote here and I always thought the next time I write here, will be a post about my trip to Korea. But well, guess not. Haha!

Vanity. Vanity. Vanity. It’s wrong to pursue it huh?

I decided to go for ATV Laser to remove my sunspot after discussing with my dermatologist, Dr Phay. It’s about $450 for the procedure to remove a big one and 2 small ones. My mum does it for $5 per spot at some random beautician but honestly, I don’t trust those. Plus, Dr Phay has always been very reassuring about my acne and everything. 

The night before the procedure, my sister asked me, “Do you consider yourself vain?” I was shocked for awhile. 

Honestly, I was never vain. I don’t put on make up. I don’t dress up. But then again, there wasn’t a need for me to be vain back then. My skin was clear. No acne, small pores, smooth. I don’t know when it all began. But sub-consciously, when my skin started erupting in 2011, the endless of pursuit of vanity, beauty, clear skin began. 

Anyway, I digress. In summary, yes. I am vain (shocking revelation, really).

Here’s how the sunspot look like – 

with angie's flowers ;p

with angie’s flowers ;p

I realised I have been digitally removing the sunspot that it’s hard to find a photo with the sunspot. You can see it in the picture above on the right. 

So, on 11th August, I took half day off and went for the procedure. It was relatively simple and fast. The procedure (15 min) was shorter than the waiting time for the numbing cream (1hr). There’s no pain at all. You see flashes of light and then feel light “scraping” on the spots. But that’s about it.

The immediate result after the procedure –

before and after.

I worked from home for the next 2 days as I didn’t want to risk having infection. The wound is like when you accidentally scrap yourself. Or as we call it in Chinese – 破皮. 

one big + 2 small.

one big + 2 small.

Over the next few days, the small ones disappeared. Just two small patch of skin that’s of a lighter shade. But it has even out now, I think. As for the big one….It took about 2 weeks before it “dried” up (slightly longer than what I was told; but I guess it differs btw individual). However, instead of turning into a scalp and falling off (like the small ones and what I was told), my skin very cleverly grew over it. 

So now, the spot is more prominent than ever 😦

I emailed the clinic and Dr Phay advised to use a de-pigmentation cream. Apparently it was expected because that’s how Asian skin heal 😦 And that there was some infection or what not. I went back to the clinic to pick up the cream and used it on Friday (2 weeks after the procedure). However, after one night, the skin surrounding the spot turned red 😦

darker spot with red rim around it.

darker spot with red rim around it.

Sigh. I am still waiting for the redness to disappear before attempting the cream again. But it’s been 2 days and the redness is still there 😦 I guess I will have to give the clinic a call again on Wednesday when they are back in business.

I seldom do things that I regret. But it seems like I should have left the sunspot alone 😦 It wasn’t that obvious anyway. Now because of vanity, I interfered and it’s red and eye-catching now. 

Very upset. And this is on top of my erupting forehead. Sigh. Looks like I have to go to Korea looking ugly. Sigh.

Please, just let the redness disappear and let the spot heal 😦 I’m so upset that I told my mum that I dont want to look into the mirror anymore. Sigh.

Vanity. The cause of everything.8


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