everything is a secret.

I don’t know. It might be taboo to say this. But I still have to say this. Still going to say this.

I really don’t get why the concept of keeping everything a secret from….COUSINS. It seems to be a thing among the older folks in my family (my parents’ generation).

For example, I just received my breast ultrasound results. I am under observation for 6 months. When I came home, the first thing my mum said was, “Must tell your dad not to tell anyone. You don’t tell anyone too ok?”


I mean I won’t intentionally tell my cousins. But through Facebook maybe?  And if my dad wants to share the “news” with the uncles/aunties, nothing wrong with that, no?

Another example is about my departure date. My mum is like, “Don’t go around telling people (read: cousins) when you are flying.”


Once again, if I can share this information with my friends, why can’t I share it with my cousins?

And what? Do I have to keep pretending that I am in SG? o.o

My mum is not the only one. Many a times, news about the cousins’ are kept from the family by the uncles/aunties that we will only after months or even years.

I don’t understand. Really don’t. Happy news, sad news..Cousins are family. Family means no secret. So why must we hide?

And…During sad/tough times, the cousins can provide more support no?

Anyways, my reply to my mum was, “I already put online. they know everything already.”

Her response? Unhappy silence.

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