Letter from 2013 (:


Hmmm. I don’t quite know what to say. Let’s start with the same opening I’ve done for the past few years, shall we? (:

Simple birthday was simple but special, wasn’t it? The flowers from Vivian really made your day. Breaking into a smile every time you walk by it. And the sister did buy the cake you want! Heee. And the percussion ‘performance’ by the family. Hilarious eh? (:

Of course, God has taken good care of you and your family in Year 25. Have you thanked Him?

At this moment, I am feeling quite scared about Year 26. So many uncertainties. And that HUGE wish of going to Korea to study for 10 weeks. I can’t quite predict how I will feel (or how you are feeling now) if that didn’t happen. After all, I am planning whatever I am doing now based on the assumption that I am going.

So, did you go? If you did, was it fun? (: Still on that trip. Was awesome!

Are you employed now? Which company did you choose in the end? NYC? DBS? On one hand, DBS is what you think you will like to do. NYC is something that you don’t mind doing but will help you when you apply for teaching. Whatever the decision, I hope you have learnt (: Every journey is an experience. Never a waste of time. Chose DBS in the end. Not quite what I had in mind but organising events were fun with Jun and SN! 😀

Are you still close with Vivian and Elaine? The usual suspects? The girls? If for some reason, you guys have drifted apart, please send them a message to say, “Hello!” NOW! Yes! Don’t meet as often but still the same (:

How’s Junsu (Galaxy Note 2) doing? Have you returned it to Daniel? Bought an S5? Or *horrors* are you in the iPhone clan now? Junsu is still alive (: Planning to buy a Note 4 soon. And NEVER! NEVER WILL I JOIN THE IPHONE clan!

How’s the family? Is Ah Yong studying now? Dajie still working? Still own a car? Ah Yong is studying. Dajie sold Xiao Hei and got a job. woots!

How’s the parents? Grams? Same old same old (: Wheee!

Are you attached? Or at least…are you ready to explore the idea of getting attached? Yes. Slowly warming to the idea of getting attached. GASP!

Still learning Korean? Ready for TOPIK Level 3/4? Try asking again next year ;p

Whatever it is, however I am feeling now, I hope Year 26 treated you well! And that it was really a ”Year of Chasing Dreams”. 追梦之年!

Most importantly, remember to thank God for looking after your family and you.

Year 27, here we go! 27…how did that happen? HAHAHA!

Remember…All your tomorrow’s are in God’s hands. Amen!

12/12/2013, 2:31AM


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