the pink ribbon.

My family has a history of breast cancer. Not so much of a history but it has occurred in the family. My mum, my mum’s sister, my mum’s brother’s wife and etc. My sister is also required to go for annual check-up becos of some cyst too.

Since 16, I know I have to voluntarily go for check-up when I hit 21. But there’s a reason not to. Like I have no money, I can’t find a suitable gynae, I don’t have time, I’m still too young…You get the drift.

Even when the letter for the free body check-up (from AIA – Glow of Life) @ Parkway-Shenton came in my mailbox, I didn’t want to go. But because I needed a chest x-ray for my lodging in Korea, I thought, “Why not?”. The doctor was rather unprofessional/unhygienic (see end of post) but she told me that there are lumps in my right breast and advised me to go for a scan immediately.

I wanted to wait until I was back because it’ll take forever for me to go through the polyclinic (read: cheaper) route but because my mum was all panicky, I decided to just try my luck at KK Breast Clinic (read: more expensive).

You know how hard it is to get an appointment at KK right? But the nurses there are FABULOUS! I told them my situation and they managed to squeeze me in for an appointment, for an ultrasound and then for a follow-up appointment. All within a week. Thank you, nurses ❤

While the doctor at Parkway-Shenton painted a doom-gloom situation, my doctor at KK Breast Centre was fabulous (: She was professional and told me there’s NOTHING for me to worry about and that she’s only sending me for an ultrasound as a precaution. Phew~

I have 2 lumps on my right breast and I am place under 6-month observation. If nothing changes for a year or two, I’ll probably be under annual review *fingers crossed*


ANYWAYS! My point is…Ladies, do go for annual check-up (: Or at least do self-examination? Or get your gynae to help you. While having cysts and lumps are common, it’s always better to be safer (:

Plus, don’t get freak out. Mammogram is not the only option (it’s painful). There’s ultrasound as well. No pain!

So as 2014 come to a close and a new year dawns, make it a point to set up an appointment with your gynae (: 

Once I find a job, I am going to look for a gynae (:

End of post: My experience at Parkway-Shenton

The doctor doing the pap smear and breast examination was horrible. She tried to scare me into not doing pap smear by saying, “It’s going to be very very painful.” You can see on her face that she just didn’t want to do it. When I still wanted to do the pap smear, she did not change the tissue on the examination table. I tried to change it on my own but she was rushing me (“Are you done?”). She dropped the apparatus for the pap smear and then used it without disinfecting. She did not put lubricant or whatsoever + was super rough. Most painful pap smear EVER.

During the breast examination, she tried to make me feel the lumps. When I couldn’t, she tsk-ed me, pulled my hand and got really impatient. I was so pissed off that I told her that I felt the lumps even when I didn’t. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. If I can feel it immediately, the lumps must be pretty big or I can be a doctor,

After painting a doom-gloom picture, she told me to write her a compliment. She’s smart. She knows I was still processing the news so she said,”Just say that I am very informative and detailed.” I did write her a compliment but immediately regretted after stepping into the lift.

So…DON’T EVER GO TO PARKWAY-SHENTON! At least the one at Arcade. HORRIBLE.

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