getting what you want.

I don’t know why this image hit me while I was bathing just now. It’s been a while since I have this kind of “inspiration”. I used to be full of them when I was still in school. Most notably, the one about the mountain and the amazing view (you need to work hard before you get to enjoy) analogy.

I have been job hunting for about a month now. From one bad experience and talking to my friends, I realised something…There’s more than one way to get to what you want. Especially when it comes to doing something that you want to. Let me elaborate.

a pictorial description. image tweaked from: tiny tower

a pictorial description.
image tweaked from: tiny tower

Imagine what you want is on Level 5 in the building. In order to reach it, the most straightforward way is to take the lift. Duh! But we know life is a funny funny person. We might wait forever and the lift might never reach us or the lift might be under maintenance.

What would you do? Would you keep waiting?

Well, we can keep waiting. Yes. But how about taking the stairs? Yes, it’s going to take a much longer time, take much more effort and it seems a little unfair. Why must we take the stairs when others can take the lift? Let’s just wait. It will come to us eventually.

But here’s the thing. Compared to taking the lift, you can actually find out what the other floors have. With reference to the picture, If you take the lift, you will never know that there’s a sushi bar on Level 4! You will never know just how determined you are. Plus, when you do finally reach Level 5, you will treasure it even more (and have a whole load of experiences to share)!

The longer you spend waiting for the lift, the later you will reach Level 5. The older you will be, the tougher it is going to be for you to climb the stairs.


This might not be the best example but it will have to do. For example, you want to get buy a car. You can wait for money to “fall down” from the sky (i.e. take the lift) or you can start saving and planning (i.e. take the stairs).

Another example is if you want to work as a counsellor but lack the qualifications…You can either keep trying and hopefully someday you will get the job (i.e. take the lift) or you can go out there and start gaining experience that may help you (i.e. take the stairs). If you just keep waiting, you will get older. The older you get, the harder it is for you to switch jobs. Plus, your resume is going to be empty. It’s not going to work in your advantage. This is something that seriously hit me this time. I am not getting younger.

Don’t use the same method and hope to succeed. Not going to happen.

I know it’s not easy to decide to take the stairs. Fear. Inertia. Why is life so unfair? And loads of other concerns…But, if you don’t move, life will continue to be unfair to you. The lift will not come.

And just remember this –

the graffiti i walked pass everyday in Korea.

Fighting, everyone!

(And hopefully, I will remember this analogy and apply it to my life too :))

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