Misaeng Quotes

Too many good quotes to not jot them down. Have probably missed quotes from the first 8 episodes. But here’s a growing list of any quotes from the rest of the 11 episodes.

Edit: I missed out on some great quotes in the last few episodes too. It’s just so awesome! Watch the ending credits of the last episode right to the end. it will make you love the show even more.

Episode 9:

“We don’t know what we reveal, but we want to reveal so much about ourselves. Why do people want to confess to others? Baduk defines its world with horizontal and vertical lines. If a baduk board were infinite, if the world were a limitless canvas, would winning and losing be possible? We find a part of that world that’s ours. We reveal ourselves to find comfort and understanding.”

“Courage is not only characterized by readily jumping into risky situations. Avoiding these situations and silently going on your own path is also considered courageous. It is foolish to be swayed and immediately respond to a counter current. Sticking to your path despite the adversity will be your counter response. Therefore, following your own path is your best defensive and offensive measure.”

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/

“When you keep your cool while your opponent doesn’t, they eventually get into trouble.”

Episode 10:

“Be careful when you question the errors of others. Don’t hate the person or you won’t be able focus on the errors. Disregard the person and look at the errors. That way you can question them and get honest answers.”

(Similar to Chinese saying of 对事不对人. It applies to everything in life, including teaching and parenting. Always remember that we want to get to the reason why an error occur and not penalise someone – no matter who they are).

Episode 12:

On changing perspectives…

“..the Earth is spinning in orbit where there’s no up or down. He points out that normally on maps Australia is down on the bottom and not as visible, but when you flip it around, it becomes the center of of the map and the focus of attention..”

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/

Episode 13:

“It does matter how it looks to others. It’s not flashy but doing what is necessary is what’s important.”

Episode 15:

“A good memory is commendable, but real greatness comes from forgetting.”

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/

“While it’s foolish to fight the powerful as the powerless, I am afraid that I will become like them (mean, ruthless) while I wait for my chance.” (Very true. When you numb yourself to certain antics, you might end up convincing yourself that it’s correct. That’s why I left a job.)

Episode 17:

“We used to be so closed in the beginning, now it’s all about performance, results and connections (i.e. not associating with people who doesn’t help you).”
(I know this is true but I hope I never have to experience it myself.)

“I considered them as family and took their needs into consideration. But they saw my resignation as an opportunity for them to rise up.”
(This resonated with me. I confided in a colleague once about thinking of resigning. She told everyone in and out of our department because, once I am gone, she gets promoted. It hurts and made me detest politics.)

It’s important to work with people who has values, who cares about you as a human being than someone who sees you as a tool for promotion/than promotions.

Episode 19:

“It’s like that. Sometimes, life gives you a malicious quiz and leaves you with hints in the most absurd places. And there’s no guarantee about the resulting solution.”

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/

“There are things in life that we start even with a predetermined end.”

Omg. When the newbies lined up to say goodbye to Chief Oh, that part was pure sadness 😦 To think he made such an impact on the newbies is just…Aww.

Credits: dramabeans

Episode 20:

“Just because you forgot your dream, it doesn’t mean your dream has vanished. Just because you cant see the road, doesn’t mean the road has vanished. We can’t say that hope exists nor it doesn’t. It’s just like the roads across the earth. For actually, there are no roads to begin with, but when many men pass through the same way, a road is made.”

“A road opens as you tread along it. A road that doesn’t open is not a road. Roads are opened to everyone. But not everyone can have it. Another road have opened and I am not alone.”



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