cleaning up after myself in cafes/cinemas.

a little habit from Korea that kind of stuck with me – cleaning up after myself in cafes/cinemas.

but I realised that Singapore’s cafes/cinemas are not that equipped for this. for example, the bins are too small at cinemas. i brought the empty popcorn box and drinks with me after a movie, only to realised that the bin is full. I can’t exactly stop to put them on the floor (cos loads of people behind me) so i ended up carrying them with me till I climbed down 4 floors, out to the shopping mall and found a bin. sigh.

Or at Starbucks. I brought my tray to the ‘dustbin’, expecting to find a ‘hole’ for the leftover drinks, a ‘hole’ for the cup, a ‘hole’ for the cover and a ‘hole’ for all other thrash. Nope. Just one for every and any thing. And there’s no place for me to place the tray OR the plastic cup.

And I guess, the ‘cleaning up after one self’ is not common here too. I have been friends telling me to just leave everything and go. I’m like o.O I can feel this habit ‘draining’ out of me.

It’s a chicken-egg problem. Environment first or habit first?


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