I wanted to…

I wanted to go to CJC for my 1st 3 months. I ended up going to SRJC.

I wanted to head to NP to do Mass Comm after O’s. I ended up going to NYJC.

I wanted to major in Psychology. I ended up majoring in Business.

I wanted to specialised in Hospitality.  I ended up specialising in Banking and Finance.

I wanted to become a teacher after graduation. I ended up working in comms in banks.

Life never quite happen in a way that you want or plan. But it can’t be that bad. It will come back in one full circle somehow (:

I’ll be a teacher someday. But right now, I’m doing comms. something I wanted somewhere at the start.

For those receiving A’levels results today, you already did your best and that’s all that matters. 수고하세요!

P/S: It doesn’t get any easier dealing with these unexpected stuff. But it will pass. Be brave and soldier on!

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