Life 4.0

I think I had Life 3.0 somewhere last year. I almost always have a post before I start work (: This time, the feeling is kind of like Life 2.0. Approaching with a bit + a little more of weariness. Not really sure what to expect or how to go about it. Not sure what’s expected of me. I like my boss when I met her during the interview so that shouldn’t be too bad!

The usual. I will miss the silence. Silence of the morning, of the afternoon, of the night. The birds chirping in the trees. Listening to the sound of traffic picking up in the morning while reading in bed, knowing that the hustle won’t touch you. I did a calculation…On an average day, I spend about 20 hours in my room (reading, napping, watching shows, practising dance) and 4 hours out. Now that I am starting work, I will be spending about 7 hours in my room and 17 hours out. Eeeps! The introvert in me is freaking out! Hahaha!

Other than saying goodbye to the silence, I would also like to say goodbye to…


Really amazing show that shows the dynamics of a team. This is my ideal team. A nurturing environment where we all have each other’s back (: While watching the show, it feels like I am going to work with them, going through the same thing that they do. Here’s a list of some of my favorite quotes from the show.

I love the friendship among the newbies in the show. It’s kinda nice to know that there are people going through the same things as you – adjusting to a new environment, trying to assimilate into existing social groups etc 좋겠군요.


Source: soompi

Completed the show in a week? Definitely a record! This is an amazing show. Bringing me back to my secondary school days where I have posters up on my walls, listening to discman, having crushes, using dial-up and behaving in a way that only a carefree teenager can (: A great reminder of the passion and innocence that we all used to have. Ah…remember the good old days where you just dive in into something with your all? Be it chasing idols or…just about anything really. Where you can afford to make mistakes because no one will ever judge you (youth is an awesome excuse).

I want my own Yoon Yoon Jae! ;p


10 seasons took me about 2 years? Well…2 unemployment periods (: Watching the last episode today made me tear EVEN THOUGH I have already seen the last episode many years back. But they have kept me company through some of my loneliest period and filled it with laughter. It’s the kind of laughing that leaves you feeling happy but yet wondering what are you so happy about kind. Am I making sense? Haha.

So, goodbye, friends (:


How I love the Korean language. The same words mean hello and goodbye.

Here’s to Life 4.0! (: Let’s be kind to each other. 앞으로 부닥드립니다!



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