Ordering in Korean eateries

A Korean listening track from Kyunghee popped up on my iPod touch. I put them in 5 years ago and never took them out :p

Anyways, it was about ordering in Korean restaurants. While the conversation is generally valid, I want to make a tiny suggestion. Heh.

Instead of calling, “아주머니!” (Ahjumoni!) or “아줌마!” (Ahjumah!), it’s more polite and appropriate to say, “이모!” (E-moh).

All terms can be translated as “Auntie”. But there’s a bit of negative connotation for Ahjumoni and Ahjumah? probably cos of the way it is used in K-Drama. Plus it also refers to older auntie. You can probably use it for aunties that reminds me of your grams?

이모 is more like dads-sister/mums-sister kind of auntie. It’s more friendly and personable (:

There’s really no clear line as when to call who what though. Best bet? Go with your gut feel.

But generally, 이모 is good. Heee.



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