take a look around (:

Putting a bit of sunshine to this blog. I dont have the strength to be sunshine-y 24/7 these days. Most days are cloudy with occasional blue sky. But lets write something down so I can smile when I read back n years into the future.

Last Friday, the city direct bus was crowded. There was barely standing space and to make space for others, I stood facing the other direction. No one does that because if the bus should stop suddenly, you will fly (especially if you are right handed).

But because I did faced the other direction I saw these –

  • An excursion bus filled with primary school kids pulled up next to mine. The kids realised that they can look into my bis and started waving. Some made funny faces, some pulled on their goggles. It was too cute! No one on the bus noticed this though cos everyone was either facing the other direction or those seated on that side was busy on their phones.

    It was mad adorable! I almost wanted to wave back but hesitated and my bus moved.

  • Then I saw an SBS uncle waving at the uncle of my bus. Now, they are from different companies so I don’t think they know each other. But they do arrive one after the other every morning, wait at the same traffic junction every day. So, they probably recognised each other (: The SBS uncle gave my bus uncle the thumbs up and that my bus driver smiled. He never smiles. I know that.

So yes. These made me smile on Friday (: I will write about one other thing that made me smile everyday soon!


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