why i like taking half day off (:

I took half-day off today to accompany my mum for her doctor’s appointment today. It kinda reminded me why I like taking half-day offs or even a full day off “just to clean my room”. It’s much more than that.

Being the OCD freak that I am, I rarely spend time out in the living room on weekends, PH or if I take a full day off just because. All these means the time I spend with my parents and siblings brother is close to zero. Sometimes, when I wake up, my brother would have went out, the parents would have slept or went to one of their CC events.

So…This is what happened today.

I dropped by NTUC Xtra at AMK Hub and finally bought myself a new bolster (and restocked some essentials) (: with a direct bus to and from work, I rarely pass by Bishan or AMK MRT anymore = no NTUC.

When I came home, I was able to intercept the package (that my mum signed for me), unwrapped it and placed it in my brother’s room as a surprise for him. I bought him a Pusheen cushion since he loves cat so much and we can’t have pets. He didn’t react much cos he was stress about his upcoming papers but I saw him sayang-ing it when he walked into his room 😀


If I didn’t come home in time, he would have guessed what the package was and I wouldn’t be able to surprise him.

And what I love so much about taking half-day off is all the random conversations that I can have with my brother and mother!

If it was any normal day, I would be sulking on the sofa, exhausted from the day’s work. But because I took half a day off, my brother after see how huge his anitbiotic pill was, exclaimed in the most drama-mama voice, “OMG. SO BIG! HOW TO EAT!”

If it was any normal day, I would have ignored him but because I took half a day off, I went, “Where? Let me see.” and walk to the kitchen to see it.

The rest of the conversation-

me: * takes a look* it’s panadol cold/extra size leh! *facepalm*

brother: hoooow. hoowwww.

me: break it into half and eat.

brother: i dont like the rough edges.

me: soak it!

brother: IT WONT BREAK! *bang bang bang*

So drama this one ;p He can’t swallow pills, by the way. Neither can my sister. Me? Being the competitive one that I was, I learned how to when I was 9. HAHAHAHA!

And because I took half-day off, I was able to prevent my mum from cooking (: Because the brother and I are both sick, she wanted to cook for us but because I was around before she took the meat out for de-frosting, I managed to desuade her from cooking.

Then I switched on the TV and tempted her to sit in front of the TV. Within 30 mins, she fell asleep (: My mum has been having insomnia for the longest time. She sleeps less than 4 hours a day, works as a cleaner AND insist on cooking for us. SUPERWOMAN THIS ONE.

She tend to fall asleep more easily in front of the TV so if I am home early (and manage to desuade her to cook), I like to pretend I am watching the TV and get her to join me. More often than not, she will fall asleep for a good hour or two. So yayy!

Then when she woke up, we had a super weird conversation when my dad brought home the 囍饼 from my cousin –

Me: I must remember to tell my future husband that Hakka do 过大礼 too and must give hongbao to grams.

Mum: Please. You don’t even have a boyfriend yet. Grams so old already.

Me: You never know ok? Maybe I find a boyfriend at the end of 2015. Then get married in Dec 2016 leh.

Mum: Okok. Approved. That’s the best!

If I didn’t take half-day off, I will be sulking or asleep. This conversation wouldn’t have occurred.

So yes, I like taking half-day off or just taking the day off to clean my room (:

And all you married people with kids, don’t judge me for always wanting to go home early. Just because I don’t have kids like you do, doesn’t mean I don’t need family time. BLEH.


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