i miss teaching.

Was clearing my stuff when I found test papers I printed for my 2 tuition kids last year (:

I remembered having a 4 hour tuition session with my P3 kid – Hannah before her mid-years. Because she was a non-native speaker, I was so worried for her. She has a great grasp of the Chinese language but when faced with a paper filled with Chinese characters, her concentration can be a bit short. Which is normal! Because if you ask me to do a paper filled with Korean characters, I switch off after about the first paragraph or so ;p

4 hours! I was worried about how we will get through the session without making her frustrated and grow tired of Chinese (which will be vvv bad for her paper the next day). So I brought along this –

eat in case of emergency(:

I have this box of chocolate from Jie En in my office for the longest time and I had the note stuck on it to remind myself and my boss/Jun who sat next to me to offer me one when I am particularly stress out. So I brought this box along with the note intact.

At the start of the session, I told Hannah, “We have a 4 hour session today *makes horrified face* but don’t worry, I have this.” And I took out the box and showed it to her. She started giggling and I continued in a serious tone, “Yes. When we are running low on energy, we will eat this.”

“So running low on energy is an emergency?”

“Don’t you think it is? We need energy to make sure we are prepared for the paper tmr!”

I told her where the chocolate came from and how my boss will give it to me when I am stress. And that caught her attention (: Cos if it’s just a normal box of chocolate, it’s not interesting. She has those in the fridge. But because there’s a story behind these chocolates, she believed in it.

So the session started and we did much better than before. SO PROUD OF HER! We did break into the emergency supply at the 3rd hour. Before I left, I gave her 2 more chocolates and told her to keep it, just in case.

I had to stop teaching her after about 3 months because time didn’t permit. But it was really a joy teaching her (: She was so full of imagination so for the difficult words, I just need to come up with a story for them and she will remember how to write them.

Ahhhh. If only I can teach again~

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