i’m not an easy kid to raise.

I don’t know why but while having dinner last night, I suddenly started truly appreciate how hard it was for my mum to bring me up.

I’m a picky eater. Everyone knows that. I don’t eat 10,001 things for various reasons – can’t stand the idea, too messy, don’t like the taste etc. But if you think I am picky now, you should get to know me when I was younger.

I think I was 4 or 5 when I decided to not eat meat. It started by refusing to eat char siew then when I saw the fish at the fish soup stall, I stopped eating all meat. Initially, my mum will coat it in loads of ketchup and I will try to swallow it. But I remember there’s this day when I threw a super huge tantrum that even my grandpa can’t calm me down.

I think my mum tried to reason with me and I told her, “It’s cruel. Imagine if you are a fish and happily swimming then you got caught and die. Or your family and friends get caught. It’s cruel.” I think that was my first memory of fearing for my family. And after that, my mum accepted the fact.

The family gathering that followed that tantrum was horrible. We went to a seafood restaurant, I think. Those with fishes displayed in the front. I was horrified. It was also the first time that I met my cousins after I stopped eating meat. I remember my mum whispering to my relatives and asking them to not ask me questions.

You would think that was it. But nope.

My sister choked on some vegetable and I totally removed that vegetable from my menu. I found a cockroach in my vegetables from the economy rice stall and I refused to eat vegetables unless it’s cooked by my mum (still true). I saw a documentary where people eat eggs with baby chick/duck inside and I stopped eating eggs. I stopped eating fishballs because I realised they are fish (slow, yes). I stopped eating “fu zok” cos I found insects inside. So many things to add to the list…

At one point, I think I didn’t eat anything except for tofu and mushroom. It’s really a miracle how my mum managed to feed me! She used to say that it’s a good thing that I didn’t grow sick of milk and tofu >.< For that, I’m really thankful to my mum (: It must be so tough and worrying. She must have wanted to give up and throw in the towel but she didn’t. She ‘invented’ so many new dishes for me ❤ Really thankful for my mummy (: Am going to talk to her about my picky habits later tonight so we can laugh about it. Hehe.

I’m picky but so much better now. Plus I can eat the same thing over and over and over again without getting bored. So, that’s a plus(:

So people, if you think your kid is a picky eater, just look at me and breathe a sigh of relief. FIGHTING!


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