I have posted this on Instagram and Facebook but I think I should put it here as well…

I love fishball beehoon (: I eat them when I can’t think of what to have (that’s like almost everyday). I can eat them almost everyday! Which I kinda did back in Maybank. The mix of ketchup + chilli is plain YUMS!

But I don’t like eating the fishball noodles bought at the market near my place. There’s shrimps (?) like spots that looks like dead insects’ body and the mix of chilli + ketchup is NEVER right. Well, that could be because my mum probably told them to leave out the chilli. whaaaatt.

I’m craving for them quite a bit these days. Haha! It’s always a fight between fishball beehoon or spicy nuggets. Yes, it’s that bad! You know how much I love my spicy nuggets ;p

So yes. #meepokpost

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