I never quite know how people do it. They can ‘chase’ the latest drama without sacrificing on their sleep.

While following that train of thoughts I realised…I am not anti-social, I just need a lot of me time.

If you know me well, you know it’s extremely hard to get me out of the house on weekends. I think the only person who truly understand why is ber. There was one I told her that I have something on Sunday so I plan to sleep in on Monday (a public holiday) and she very naturally went, “Makes sense. To make up for the lost sleep.” I LOVE YOU, WOMAN!

But yes.

I am not anti-social. If I am truly anti-social, I would skip meeting people to watch dramas. I would have caught up with all my variety shows, have energy to keep track of the crazy world of kpop and ‘chase’ the latest k-drama. No, I need me-time. Or rather just some quiet time. Like quiet time. Away from the noise, the glare of screens and the flashy world of the internet.

It’s the quiet I need.

I need time to catch up on my dramas! ROAR!


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