Devotion 06/09/2015

I have been reading Our Daily Bread and using “The Holy Bible” application (highly recommended) to starts plans. I particularly like Rick Warren’s because they are not overly preachy and helps to relate to daily life.

ANYWAYS! Sometimes, I find meaningful words/verses/phrases and I do a screenshot of them. But somehow, an idea struck me today and I thought, “Why not just do a weekly Sunday thing?” Just in case the phone dies and the screenshots disappeared *choy!*

3 weeks of break just zoomed past. Seems like I barely had time to take a breather but such is time. It really doesn’t wait for you after you turn 21. Got my new laptop, typing on it right now. Didn’t get it at the ASUS booth though. I thought it was the official booth but turns out -.- Didn’t squeeze out as much freebies or haggle the price as well. But hey, I got a laptop now.

Note 2 seems to be having some problem now 😦 just when I’ve discovered another new feature. Sigh. Hang in there, Note 2!

As the new week arrives, new adventures for both myself and my dad. The family will have to adjust to the new lifestyle too. May the coming week be blessed in every way possible for both myself and my family. Amen!

In the midst of your storm, Jesus wants you to know that He wants to and will help and bless you.
– Joseph Prince’s Devotional

Father, it’s so difficult for us to share our faults with each other, but You call us to wholeness as Your people. Empower us by Your Spirit to live courageously in love and honesty. – ODB, 3 September 2015

Ask God for his guidance as to how to move forward, for his wisdom in setting your priorities, and for his help in keeping your motivation in check. Remember, you dont have to be perfect.- The Lies of Busyness: Devotions from Time of Grace

God is right there with you in you valley, holding you in His arms and carrying you through the valley.
– Joseph Prince’s Devotional

There’s a time to be still and to be in God’s presence, and there’s also a time to work and get stuff done. In those times when we’re doing work, let’s approach it according to Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for your Lord.” – The Lies of Busyness: Devotions from Time of Grace

We are experiencing all kinds of trouble, but we aren’t crushed. We are confused, but we aren’t depressed. We are harassed, but we aren’t abandoned. We are knocked down, but we aren’t knocked out. – 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28

다시 만나, 우리 세계.


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