the 老za-bor and the 老uncle (:

I just want to note this down and share it on my Facebook so that when this appears on my “On this day” a few years down the road, I will remember how I feel right now (:

I’m proud of my mum and dad.

My dad owned a shop and my mum had always been helping him since forever. They have never worked for anyone other than themselves. When the dad’s shop closed in the 2008, my dad went to my aunt’s shop to work. Not too much of a change for my dad.

But, my mum. A year or two after the shop closed, she went out on her own and got herself a job as a carpark cleaner at one of the buildings in the industrial park near my park. My mum who really shouldn’t be working. She was already 56 back then. Then when her company’s contract with the industrial park ended early this year, she went around asking and is now working at ITE Central as a cleaner. She’s 60 this year!

The siblings and I always thought that my mum is the resilient one. But when the aunt’s shop was sold this year, my dad did something that gave us a shock. He went and got himself a job at NTUC Fairprice! MY DAD! My 63 year old dad! The one who has never ever in his life worked for anyone but himself and relatives.

It pains me to see them still working at their age. To see them rubbing ointment on their bodies every other night. But I’m also so proud of them.

My parents never once complained about having to work at their age. I can only imagine how huge an adjustment it must be for them to “work outside” at their age. But they never once complained. Maybe they do complain to each other secretly but they never once did it in front of me. They are working because they need to support the brother through university, because they don’t want to put too huge a burden on me (or my sister). They are working because they used all their savings on the dad’s shop, on putting me through university (I didn’t take up a study loan) and now, putting my brother through university (without taking a loan). For them, working at their age is just something that needs to be done.

I’m proud of my mum and dad. Or I’m proud of the 老za-bor and the 老uncle (as my brother will call them) (:

My role models. Sometimes, I feel like such a wimp when I look at them.

Mum, dad. 2 more years and the brother will be done with school. Then, you can retire. I’m sure this is what I want to do as well, so no more unemployment periods for me too. 2 more years!

I love you and thank you for always being there for me (:


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